Sunday, 5 June 2011

Feeding The Belly not the Hunger

Thank you everyone for your ass kicking motivational comments, I have a sore butt now ;-)  Although lets face it, by now it's worn off!!!

I have had a busy week clearing, sorting, moving stuff around and back again and all with kids on half term, it all feels like its been CRAZY.  And what's with this week of intense hayfever I've had, current off-the-shelf "meds" have stopped working gggrrrrrr ....... or should I say SNIFF-SNORT-SNEEZE.  I've rejigged that part of my life too so hope it kicks in soon.

Q: How long before hayfever meds start to work for you?

My Week In Food:
It's been gross guys!!! I have forgotten what it's like to feel hunger!!!!! I have not been hungry all week and thats not from a loss of appetite, its because I have eaten everything and anything that has been within reach and YES this includes trips to the store for stuff I didn't even want or need.  I was going to wait for the proverbial Monday Start but gave it a good go yesterday .... until I was handed a Crabbies & the crisps came out - I inhaled them for no other reason than they were there :-(.  When I am more in control I will call that a balanced weekend but yesterday was not my best effort.  Today so far has been fantastic in comparison but then again guests left this morning after a fry up .... but I avoided the white bread and had rye toast instead (pat myself on the back ;-))

My Week In Exercise:
This is probably best described in picture form ......
This picture says:
"Lara has done NO exercise, she has left us to rot & made us feel like unloved shoes"
This I promise will be rectified tomorrow.  I still cannot get to the recently installed home gym item but I can go for a run so am woking on repeating week 5 of C25K to kick start my A-into-G.



  1. Getting back on track is hard!! Yesterday was overall a huge success though I think!!!

  2. Man, I am so glad I don't suffer with hayfever. It really does make the summer sound miserable! :(

    And like Sable says, yesterday WAS a success. It's like with me and my fitness Lara -- you mustn't compare your efforts now to yourself when you were at the top of your game. You will inevitably feel like you're failing if you think like that. Anyone would! Just focus on each small decision as it comes, and on the successes as they build up from that. Like the rye bread, and the fact that you didn't use the "wait until Monday excuse". There are going to be ups and downs, that's just normal. Don't beat yourself up about the fact that you're low though -- it just makes the struggle that much greater.

    Hope you get out for a walk / run or whatever tomorrow :-)

  3. My week hasn't been any better.
    But I've decided I'm going to do like a 5-week body-bootcamp during the holidays.
    I've got formal house-dance coming up at the end of August and I really wanna look good...
    But good luck with your week. :)

  4. With the hayfever, Andy used to get it bad, and even the stuff the doc prescribed didn't work. NOw he uses Beconase nasal spray- he sprays it once or twice a day (a bit yucky) but it really does stop all the sneezing, So might be worth a try?


Thank you for your comments, I read & digest them all :-)