Thursday, 30 June 2011

Cleaning up my act, day 4

I'm going to try keep this brief as I am exhausted today ... feels like I have been on the go non stop this whole week.

This morning I: slept until 7am ...... YIP folks, SEVEN AM in the morning :-) it was bliss! also means there was no exercise today.  School run happened before breakfast (it usually does to be honest).
Grilled bacon, scrambled egg & plum toms (there were more but I ate one each time I took a picture!)

I had to brave the dreaded Tesco shop after breakfast so I needed to be fuelled - AGH!

This afternoon I: ...well WE actually had to take Billy back to the vet for his sedation to check his eye.  The ulcer was 40% cleared but that was all so the vet cauterised it and has pulled over the 3rd eye to protect it.  He now HAS to wear his collar and have only supervised visits outside .... poor bugger, he's used to having the whole garden at his disposal.  I also did more mowing but ate chicken salad before heading out.
Me out with sad looking Billy
Check out the size of this bladdy ragwort I found - taller than me!!

This evening I:
had hubby cook the chicken on the Webber .... OH.MY.WORD.  It was to die for :-)

I found Chai tea (Twinings Chai) in Tesco so brewed up a cup.  Honest Opinion, I need to give it time.  I think I must try brewing it for a shorter time, its taste was WAY less delicate than the Tea Pigs one I had the other day.  I also tried it iced ... YUM but again less time with the bag in the water me thinks :-)

Thats me guys, over and out zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Yes teapigs chai is the king! Whitards chai is nice too (and also their Spiced Imperial which is black tea with orange and spices)- but Teapigs wins every time.
    I love that pic of you too! :) Most massive weed ever indeed!

  2. What's chai? I just thought it was hindi/urdu/bengali/whatever for tea!

  3. @Rob, Chai tea is the flavour and I quote it will "fill the air with the aromatic scent of cinnamon, ginger and cloves" :-)

  4. Poor Billy - I hope he gets better soon!
    I love chai tea - I just found some rooibos chai, so can't wait to try that :-)


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