Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Cleaning up my act, day 3

Ooooh this clean eating week is creating "thoughtless titles", give my brain a rest :-)

I have to start with this fab picture I took on my way back from getting petrol for the lawn tractor.  In all my time (4 odd years) in this area I have never seen it .... there were fields and fields of purple flowers then one field of white with a strip of purple, so so beautiful.

Been a very bee today.
This morning I: was up early bells to do my weights secession I missed yesterday and then did 20 minutes of intervals on Freddie.
Got the kids to school.
Came home and made bacon & scrambled egg with some roasted plum toms .... oooohhh SO beautiful and sweet, mmmmmmmmmm
Then we had to take Billy to the vet to get his eye checked, needless to say NOTHING was checked and we have to take him back to be sedated for a checkup and possible cauterisation of an eye ulcer that won't go away, OH, they joys of owning a 55kg bullmastiff :-).
Then it was off to get petrol *que fields of flowers* so I could get onto Delores (the lawn tractor) and do the garden.  I managed about half the garden then needed lunch.

This afternoon I:
ate a fantastic home grown salad that I topped up with some prawns & calamari fried off and some brown rice.  Then I had to head to Homebase for some "Veggie Garden Protection System" supplies, the pigeons have all but annihilated our kale, so after the school run hubby & I erected this

This evening I: wanted Jamie Oliver's fennel and orange salad so whipped it up to go with my chicken and plum tomato kebab, pork & pepper kebab & butternut ...... loads but it was OH.SO.YUMMY :-)  and now I seem to have stopped for the day.

Very sad to see Federer out of Wimbledon but think that Tsonga played a fantastic game .... GOOOO Murray :-)

Until tomorrow blogger peeps, keep safe.


  1. I love the veggie garden protection system- is it trademarked ;)
    Yeah it was a shame about Federer, but keeps it interesting

  2. I have big problems coming up with post titles and sometimes I think of a really good one and then have to write a post to fit it!
    The purple flowers are goregous - I love this country :-)


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