Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Cleaning up my act, day 2

Wowzer, woke with a dull head ache this morning and it didn't leave for most of the day so I popped a few Neurophen after lunch to see if I could get rid of it, which it did by school run time.  There is definitely something my body is trying to get rid of but I wish it didn't involve a headache - I'm a wimp with headaches!

I've been wondering around the garden and getting very excited at all the things that are happening.  After picking some baby carrots yesterday
I chopped more salad leaves for lunch today
and noticed this little beauty on my strawberry bushes .....

Some inside excitement involved the arrival of our new Krups Nespresso machine.  We have been fans of Nespresso capsules for some time now but our old faithful machine started to jitter and dribble something horrid so we had to have it put down :-(
Needless to say my coffee hiatus came to an abrupt halt as I savoured an espresso mmmmmmmmmm

Breakfast this morning we had out (thanks to an early meeting with the mortgage advisor), so at Giraffe I had smoked salmon with scrambled eggs & cherry toms with basil olive oil.  I also had my first ever cup of Tea Pigs chai flavoured tea and it was scrummy.  I could imagine having a cold, iced up version at home on the next scorching hot day.
Lunch was chicken salad with 2 tbsp of brown rice and drizzled with avocado oil.
Dinner was Thai Green Chicken curry with butternut & sugar snap peas and a bit of brown basmati rice.
Exercise* was workout A of New Rules Of Lifting For Women  I'm into my 3rd week of this and throughly enjoying it.  I really feel like I've had a good weights secession after each workout ..... my nemesis remains lunges and specifically walking lunges!!!!!!!

Overall I'm feeling good on day 2 - not super energised mind you but I am only on day 2 so to be expected.  It did take me a good 24 odd hours before making a loo trip (I'm a twice a day kinda girl).  And to be honest, I am pleased I am having some brown rice, I think I need the bulk to keep me full even though I am trying to keep protein intake up as much as possible.  What I do need to make a special note of is how STRONG the SMELL of EVIL SWEET SUGARY things smell to me since I have cut out sugar .... the kids were eating Cheerios and I nearly attacked them the sweet smell was so strong and inviting.

More of the same tomorrow :-)

*This still need to be be completed so will update tomorrow on how I felt


  1. Yay! Eats sound good, and I'm with you on the brown rice - I can't go completely without them, it destroys my energy levels.

    I love the Teapigs Chai tea, it's gorgeous (and very nice iced, you're quite right).

    Am jealous of your strawberries. We had some nice ones, but the MONSTER KILLER SQUIRREL spotted them first...

  2. I agree with you about the smell of sugary things - it just doesn't appeal. I still eat sugar, but if it smells overly sweet I'm really put off!

  3. sounds like your dinner was nice
    good luck with tomorrow. :)

  4. Chew on sugar free gum if you have a craving. There are some nice flavours these days. :)

  5. Ah, these are the days that are tough. Make it through to about day 5 though and you'll feel soooo much better. I know that when I've stopped coffee before it's been dat 2 and 3 that have been the worst. Sugar wasn't so bad, but I at more carbs than you maybe? I don't think there's any harm at all in brown rice and pseudograins. Are you avoiding gluten, or just wheat? If just the latter then oatcakes are good smeared with some coconut oil. In fact fats generally help, but then you're already doing that :-)

    Glad you're enjoying NROL. I've never done it, but I think the structure is probably really helpful when you're having a bit of a lull with motivation.

  6. Nice work- love those carrots :)
    Keep it up :)


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