Monday, 27 June 2011

Cleaning up my act, day 1

Hi everyone, how FANTASTIC has this weather been today!! Its so great that mini-me-snrs sports day was postponed due to to the impending heatwave ;-).  Mini-me-jnrs was still a go because it was in the morning.

This morning I:
Got on the treaddie for 20 minutes*, I nearly died it was so hot, bearing in mind this was at 6:30am .... in the UK!!!!  I drank at least a litre of water during and straight after.
I had a cuppa black rooibos tea (thought I'd go the whole hog for the first week and give up coffee as well, although I may change my mind when our new coffee machine arrives)
Then once I was back from the school run I made myself a scrummy courgette omelette.  I'm really excited because soon I'll be able to use courgettes form the garden as well as eggs from my girls.

During the day I:
Went to mini-me-jnrs sports day, shew it was hot!!!  They were all amazing though, from the hockey dribbling to the scooter races, football goal shoot & bean bag throwing culminating in the house races (sack, egg & spoon and running races).  It was HOT so at the end the kids pootled off for their ice-lolly treats :-)
My lunch today consisted of lettuce from the garden, egg from my girls and a chicken breast (from the shop!), with a drizzle of Avocado oil.  I think I need to load up with more chicken or add some brown rice because I was hungry later which lead me to gobble a whole chicken breast, dry = not so nice :(  a few carrot sticks oh and a few fresh baby carrots form the garden, I was TOOOOOO much excited to not pull them up

This evening I:
I am pretty tired (even after a 20 minute nap on the couch), the heat really drains me ... you would never say I grew up in South Africa!!!  Dinner was 97% pork sausages and cabbage salad with a few tablespoons of cooked brown basmati rice sprinkled over.

ROUND UP of day 1:
I've tried to be good, I did nearly eat a left over rib smothered in sugary sauce but stopped short of a finger lick.
I do have a headache but its been so hot today hard to pin it on eating and not drinking coffee :-)
I have been hungry occasionally but not ravenous, its all still a bit mental for me.

I hope I don't bore you guys this week but I am only being UBER strict for this week.


*20 minutes on the treaddie was meant to be more like 30 but it was just too hot.  As I started to beat myself up about it I stopped myself in my tracks and had an EUREKA moment ...... "I'm exercising for health benefits not for extra calories".  I want to enjoy my exercise it must never be a chore, I've always said that - need to practice what I preach you know ;-)


  1. It's boiling! I had a similar eureka moment after struggling through 5.5miles in the scorching heat - it doesn't matter if I don't complete my planned run - it's hot and no-one is making me do it.

  2. Heat? Sunshine? What are these curious things of which you speak?

    Have you ever tried quinoa? It's a good substitute for brown rice (and probably more nutritious).

    Good luck! I was meaning to do something just like this for this week but now I have a virus-y thing and don't want to eat anything other than crackers and cheese *sulks*

  3. 20 minutes is pretty good in my book, especially after the few weeks you've had. Will say more on today's post :)

  4. Sounds like you had a great start! I would be lost without my morning coffee!


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