Thursday, 23 June 2011

A bit of a "then and now" post

Tuesday I started a post that went like this .........
I was seriously not looking forwards to Monday because after my eeerrrmmm "relaxed" approach to food this weekend I thought I would be fighting all sorts of wheat and sugar cravings.  Well I managed to stay away from wheat nicely (pat on the back) but sugar ..... well, you may remember the pecan nut pie, of which I landed up having 1.5 slices with G&B vanilla ice cream AND clotted cream nom-nom-nom :-)  TO be fair I have done weights and got on Freddie today so I think that has helped A LOT!

Do you watch?
Have you ever been?
Who are you supporting this year in mens single and ladies single?

Then Tuesday morning came around and the wheels started to wobble and by Tuesday evening when I did a trial shortbread baking run for the kids school fete I was face deep in wheat and sugar and its been ugly ever since.


 Cocacola Chocolate cake
Boxed and ready for delivery tomorrow morning :-)

I would like to just say that I am very proud of my baking efforts (not the eating thereof) as I am generally pretty rubbish when it comes to baking.

I have been lamenting about a lesson I learnt this week and this is it:
My cravings are TOTALLY food related.  Last week I ate "clean" (for me that means no sugar, wheat, yeast and minimal dairy) and I was fine. This week I have gorged and not been clean at all and it is a self perpetuating cycle, one in which I crave more of the bad stuff and physically I am drained of every ounce of energy. Its a very clear, real experiment on myself, a lesson I really do need to sit up and take notice of. 

So here goes cold turkey ;-)

Welcome new followers, I hope you are enjoying my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.  I'm not always this erratic ... oh! no. I am. oops. sorry ;-)



  1. Those cakes look yummy- my friend make cocacola cupcakes (and even one for me without a sweet on top coz of the gelatin) and they were scrummy.
    And yes, Murray totally needs a shave, and a haircut (but I think he is going a bit thin on top so keeping the hair longer to try to hide it...)

  2. That cake sounds good! I've never tried a cocacola choc cake!

  3. I am well impressed by your baking efforts too!

    It's so tough getting off things like wheat and sugar, espeically when they are constantly around. Remember the idea of work in progress though: eating less of it is better than doing nothing at all. So even if some does pass your lips, it's still worth resisting the all-out slide back into binge mode.

    Out of curiosity, have you have allergy tests done?

  4. I've had issues with my digestive system for the last few years culminating in an endoscopy a while ago (horrible!!). The results of that were all clear so it's left me in a situation where the problems I suffer can only be food related.

    I really need to log not only my food, but my reactions to it to see if there are any patterns.

    maybe you can try that too? x

  5. You are absolutely spot on about the self perpetuating cycle. It worries me how quickly I get myself into one without noticing until I've spent several days eating the wrong stuff, and then it's so hard to break the cycle all over again!

  6. Just letting you know that I have nominated you for a blog award!


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