Sunday, 12 June 2011

...... and think I did!

Detrimentally so I think ....... see there I go thinking again, thinking is not good for me.  I got myself so wound up about things about why is there a 15 year old innocent girl being so brave in the face of fatal cancer when there are so many idiots, criminals (and worse), war and hatred in this world -

ITS JUST NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I want to stomp my foot and demand she be made better and all the other morons be taken instead of her.  I am devastated that all her family can do is just watch and offer her no cure, as a mother this is something I don't think I could go through.  Which leads me to "well I don't actually know how much I COULD deal with if dealt a shit hand like Alice's family have been dealt".  I do believe there is something to be said for the greater power of the universe and that Alice's blog has grown at such a rate with such amazing ferocity is because the universe does not want to let her go just yet, and if it does there is something to be gained from reaching out like her blog has.

So how will I take it and use it, well for me it has reiterated that I need to take better care of me, my body, my healthy and that of my family.  I want to be healthy and strong but not detrimentally so to my health, I want to learn to listen to my body better.  I want to tune in & listen to my instinct a little more.

I was beating myself up about this weeks 2 exercise secessions (and not the planned 6) and bad eating but all that did was erode any good I have done and how far I have come and sent me spiralling into even worse eating patterns which culminated in snoring away the day on the couch putting off the kids requests for a few minutes of my time to be with them - DING-DONG WAKE UP CALL ....... why would I NOT want to spend time with my kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK so I need to do some deep breathing, keep a level head on my shoulders, live and love life and not to forget what really is important to me, my family and my friends.

My wish is Alice sees 24 years, and MANY more xxx



  1. here's a blog of a local-ish lass that I follow - I feel much the same way about her.


  2. should read

  3. Thank you for the link, I think these girls are so incredibly brave xxx
    Hope you had a good holiday, I haven't got round to reading the post yet ;-)


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