Friday, 13 May 2011

Yesterdays blog!!!

Thanks to eblogger "under maintenance" yesterday I couldn't post so here it is since I typed it up and everything it seems a waste to let it go into the trash can!
Todays news was I did C25K week4 day 3 but you can tell that from my twitter feed at the top of my page now can't you :-)

It's really is comforting to know that I'm not the only one who finds themselves repeatedly repeating themselves to an apparent invisible brick wall to get things done :-)
SO, how do they repay me, well with this little gem in the (yes) flooded bathroom!!

Skanky plaster in soapy water, in soap dish that doesn't drain ....

Gotta love them :-)

On a brighter note, breakfast was a great surprise.  We've had chickens for about a year and a half now and we have NEVER EVER had double yolks, now my new girls are rocking double yolks every day (well for the last 2 days anyway).  We have had 3 double yolkers in the past 2 days, woooohooooooo :-)
Thats 4 eggs with 6 yolks

Well this turned into an odd post, possibly because I decided to take a rest day, with
NO house work but rather a few hours out mowing the lawn since Delores was returned, we'd managed to wreck her blades and snap the belt!!!!!!....well there IS a lot of mowing to do!

Food has been OKish today.  The unOK part was where the mini cocktail sausages were wolfed.  But I have logged it all and stayed close to maintenance.  Those little Tesco devil sausages cost me 460 calories!!!!!!!!! HOW? you ask, its quite easy actually:
4 while making lunch
4+4 more before I popped out to fetch the kids from school
4 while making my official afternoon snack of poached chicken with bean salad
EVIL little processed things - - - - - - EVIL I tell ya ;-)

On a good note, I still have not touched a custard cream, GO ME !!!

On a weird note, hubby & I are turning into his folks and having tea after dinner, him normal decaf tea and me black rooibos ...... AGH I feel so old!! ..... sorry mom :-)



  1. Oh, I do love double-yolked eggs! Good on your chicken-y ladies :D

    And *I* drink peppermint tea after dinner. I think that trumps the rooibus ;)

  2. Nowt wrong with tea in the evening- and I love rooibos tea :)

  3. I love proper free-range eggs - I'd love to have chickens one day (when I have my own house).

    Well done on the lack of custard creams - they're so darn tasty I think it's a big achievement :-)

  4. I'm drinking my after dinner cuppa tea as I read! It's okay, really :-)

  5. Hi. I'm really enjoying your blog and am v impressed with your exercise schedule. Thanks for the nice comment you left me which I have somehow managed to lose but did read honest! :) Hetty


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