Monday, 16 May 2011

Walk to school week

This morning we got to school and my face lit up ....... "ooooooh look at all the parking available" until the kids screamed "NO ITS WALK TO SCHOOL WEEK", at which pint I did a U-Turn and went and parked at the designated church and we walked.  Only an extra few minutes but dang it made a difference! Fortunately I remembered for pick up so they could get their cards stamped :-)

Bit of a change to my usual routine today as I would normally do weights in the morning and my run in the evening while mini-me-snr is at karate but today mini-me-jnr is at a mates for an after school play date and I need to fetch him during karate which cow-boshed that lot.  So I did my run on Freddie the treaddie straight after weights and felt great.  It was week 5 day 1 of C25K.  I somehow always scare myself before upping a week thinking I'll never manage it & I'm the first one to tell someone else that these programmes build you up so you CAN do the following week ........ DOH!!!  My spectators were banished to the outer perimeter while I was on the treaddie this morning and they were not too pleased with me.  When I finished I turned round to see this picture ......
They had been there the whole time, silly's :-)

Folks that me for now, I need to go fold laundry (like you all needed to know that) ..... but if I don't one of the kids is going to get lost in it the next time they need undies!!!!



  1. Yay we do walk to school week, although we do not have cards- we go on trust!
    Well done on the running too- I think everyone is the same when they build up- I know every week I worried about the increase and thinking I would need another week, but then I always did it. You are right the plans really work :)

  2. I didn't know you have a treddie -- very useful when you battle kids / dogs / laundry mania :-)

    Good job on the run too. I'm glad you recognise the negative chat when it comes to making progress, as *that* can definitely drag you down. In my experience women do it a lot more than men, and I've heard people say that we make slower progress as a result. Now being a political philosopher and some version of a feminist I'm hesitant to buy into stereotypes like that -- bad bad! But I do notice that kind of self-doubt punctuating women's thoughts much more than men's.

    Not that I actually hang out with that many men, mind you!

  3. I always look ahead at my 10k plan and think "how on earth am I going to do that?!" but when I get round to it I surprise myself because I've put in the groundwork. Good work :-)

  4. Aw, I love your dogs, they are so cute :D

    Folding laundry, you say? What an interesting concept.

  5. Laundry is never-ending when there are two people involved so I can only imagine what it's like when you add children into the equation. I can often spend 40 minutes just putting away clothes..sigh :(

  6. How fun is that! I've never heard of walk to school week...what a great idea!

  7. Laundry, that needs to be a forbidden word;). Good job on the run and getting it in!

  8. Aw how beautiful are your doggy woggs :) Walk to school week sounds like a fantastic idea :D x


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