Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Usual Suspects

Well today has been a mixed day for me, I'll start with yesterday: I spent yesterday on the couch with a near migraine which made me grumpy later in the day and the poor chillies then got it and it was hubbys birthday and he just seemed to be constantly nudged to the side for the whole day :-(  Anyway, when I woke up this morning I remembered it was the 1 year anniversary of my sisters passing.  Believe me when I say that I truly believe she is more at peace now but it still doesn't take away my selfish "wish she were still alive" feelings.  Then this afternoon mini-me-jnrs comfort bear got into the jaws of the dogs ....... anyone with kids & a comfort toy, you'll know!!!!!!

RIP dear friend, your cuddles & comfort will be missed xxx

We went out to the garden and put some flowers on Natalie's Bench and
we had a moment thinking of loved ones and friends

At bath time we lined up the usual suspects to find a suitable replacement after a "cuddle test"
.... 4 made it through and have gone to bed with mini-me-jnr :-)

So all in all, I know why I was miserable yesterday, and we seem to have made it through today rather well and mini-me-jnr appears to be asleep.

Eating Front:
I haven't been good but I don't think I've been particularly BAAAAAAD either .... well 'cept for the chocolate cake for hubby's birthday breakfast yesterday ;-)
Seriously, I am trying to get back into a healthy choice frame of mind and so I kicked today off with an awesome spinach & pear smoothie/monster, it was DELISH.  And right now I'm having a cuppa tea WITHOUT biscuits - I know, thank *religious icon* you're sitting down, I know!
Exercise Front:
We have done two great weights secessions so far this week but no cardio.  Chest on Tuesday and back today.  In the past week & a bit I haven't had any structured weights secessions but we have been working in the garden really hard (just in case I haven't mentioned it recently heeheehee).  However, based on this I do feel the need for more of an exercise framework (like my food framework & smily face chart), time is slipping away, the GSR is getting closer, and I'm not running any further than months ago but I am making small steps with my weights.  I want to enjoy what I am doing so here goes, get that balance I was talking about in my last post working:

Based on a 2 week rotational cycle the next few weeks should look like this:
Monday: Weights 
Tuesday: Run & kettlebells
Wednesday: weights 
Thursday: Run & kettlebells
Friday: Weights 
Saturday: Rest Day 
Sunday: weights

Monday: Run & kettlebells
Tuesday: Weights
Wednesday: Run & kettlebells
Thursday: weights
Friday: Run & kettlebells
Saturday: weights
Sunday: Rest Day

I want to have fun with this.....


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  1. Yes we should be enjoying stuff like this- well said :)

  2. *Hugs*

    Glad you made it through such a difficult day and I agree too, it should be fun. Must remember that :) x

  3. Oh Lara, what a difficult day. I'm sorry about your sister, I didn't know you'd lost her. I think given all that going on these last couple of days you've done really well with food and exercise. I hope you're enjoying life in preparation for the weekend :-)

  4. *heartfelt love* for you Lara.

    my best friend died a little over 6 years ago so I can empathise with how you're feeling. Kathy wasn't my biological sister, but she was quite possibly the closest I will ever have and I miss her desperately, even now. It's not in the least bit selfish, it's called 'human' and 'normal' (so I'm told). Doesn't stop it hurting though every now and then eh?


  5. Your plan looks great - I think I could do with making one for myself as I've got out of the swing of things with all the bank holidays!

    Thank you for posting about your smoothie, I have a load of pears to use up and don't like eating them whole for some reason. It didn't occur to me to chuck them in my smoothies, doh! xx

  6. It's definitely hard when you know that someone you love is at peace, pain free etc when they pass away, but all you want is just to see them or talk to them. It's only human nature really and I'm glad you made it through the day OK.

    Poor cuddly toy, I must admit I have become so attached to our cuddly penguins (and I'm nearly 30 eek!) that I would definitely shed a tear if anything were to happen to them. They give great hugs.

    I find the easiest way for me to avoid the "must have something sweet urge" with my tea is to drink herbal tea, but not green tea, I really like those kind of "choco/cinnamonn/vanilla" type teas, and I sweeten them with all those eeeeeevil artificial sweeteners because surely a few artificial sweetener tablets are better than an entire Dairy Milk or a Crunchie! I think it's the milk in tea that gets me really...milky tea makes me want milky chocolate!


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