Friday, 20 May 2011

Then to now

SHEW, I've been so busy reading posts I've not written one since Monday, wow!  Nothing huge just been getting on with life basically.

Tuesday was a rest day but I managed to fit in some housework and carting the kids round all over the place  was fun ..... NOT ;-)

Wednesday was weights and day2 of week5, only this time the dogs were totally disinterested in what I was doing and only came to check up on me in the last 5 minutes of the cool down - clearly I was a novelty.  BTW - I wish I could tape how loudly Bella is snoring, it's crazy and soooo funny :-)

Thursday turned into another rest day but less housework and less running around after the kids.  What I have noticed is that on rest days I am more hungry than on workout days which leads me to think I should not try eat most my calories on workout days (yes enough to sustain me and feed my workout) but save some for none workout days??!!!  What you all think?

Friday and hubby hit me with "lets do legs" in the car on the way to gym, well that blew my planned run out the water (remember the last time I did that I nearly died) so I'll get it done tomorrow - its 20 minutes running so think of me will you :-)

Overall food has been good again this week and the scales concurred .......

Now I know I'm focusing on the scales at the moment but I have to to shed the flab whilst working towards my main goal.

Hope you are sitting down because tonight I said no to these ......
But it was after half a slab of this 

A warm welcome to my new followers, thank you for following.  I hope you enjoy reading, if I get boring ..... let me know ;-)

One last thing before I go, my mother-in-law sent me a page of funnies and this one particularly tickled my sense of humour today:

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Hope your run goes well today- I am sure it will :)

  2. I always notice that I'm hungry the day after a workout; if your metabolism does indeed increase significantly after a workout this makes sense, I suppose. I generally eat as my body dictates, so I would try switching your cals around a bit and see, even though eating more on rest days is against received wisdom.

    Sorry the doggies have deserted you, I thought it was so funny when they came to watch! Hope the run today goes well, with or without an audience :)

  3. Hope u enjoyed your run! At least it was proper chocolate!

  4. that was a fab result on the scales Lara :)

    there are times when the scales are the best guage for how you're doing, not always but sometimes and it sounds like now is one of those times for you :)


  5. Well done on the scale result :-)

    I hope that your run went well and your legs were fresh. There's nothing worse than running when you feel like you're dragging your legs around after you!

  6. Great news about your weight loss Lara :) x x

  7. Well done on the loss, hope your run went well! x


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