Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Yes this is what you get on a Tuesday thanks to me having nothing else to say ;-).  And I'm not talking about a good old cuppa tea here I'm talking crazy T-shirts, well I think so anyway.

I follow Recipes for Gals in Figure and Bodybuilding on Facebook and followed a link they posted and found these crazy Tees that just made me laugh ........
Another that made me smile
And then I realised ......
I actually have this one in blue .... what are the odds?!!! I found it in TKMaxx a while back.
I'll wear it tomorrow and take snap shall I !!!!


  1. I have the top one as vest and shorts pj's :) I love it! And it glows in the dark (the cookie and the writing!)
    Love it!

  2. I love the sushi one, so cute!


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