Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Steam Rollers

When I woke up this morning I felt like I'd been through the ringer and then had a pass over by a steam roller just for good measure .... that will teach me to get back on track to a Monday that involves legs workout and a C25K run/walk secession, I'll have better planning next time - that or at least I know what to expect :-)

Tuesdays exercise possibilities were endless but what did I land up doing ..... cleaning, I mean for the love of *insert favourite food* I DO NOT CLEAN!!!  But now I have to and it truly is THANKLESS work.
Part of my cleaning arsenal!
And who knew that so much dust could accumulate under a bed?!  Good lord, it could have killed me during the night and forensics would be none the wiser.

Todays Workout was more civilised than cleaning, thank goodness!
C25K week 4 day 2 with some amused spectators ......
Its all fun and games especially when they watch me from the end of the treadmill with them getting my shoe up their noses and me nearly toppling off and trying to reprimand them all at the same time.

Then it was straight off to the gym for shoulders, triceps and abs.  I would not recommend cardio before weights and will try at all costs not to do this again, my energy was low and the weights and reps I could get out were proof.

Food consumption has been good, I've been logging and keeping track of everything that goes in.  I have even managed to resist custard creams today, there are some left so hopefully I can have a nice cuppa black Rooibos tea later without the custard creams - I must confess I'm not actually mentally obsessing craving them which I normally would if they were in the house.

Q: if you have kids, either of your own or nieces or nephews etc ...... how many times do have to ask them to do something before they respond???

I ask because Mr mini-me-snr seems to have lost his hearing all together!!!!!!!!!!!! ........ and he's only 7
Talking of which I need to go check on them before the bathroom floor turns into a swimming pool or lands up in the kitchen, neither of which please me much :-)


  1. I have to do cardio later in the day as well, if I have a strength workout. This morning I did Shoulders and Arms from P90X... and I went ALL OUT! So, I'm a little nervous for the lunchtime run coming up soon...

    How fun to have an audience for your C25K!


  2. Fortunately I don't have to deal with small children at the moment, but I do have to ask my boyfriend multiple times to get things done (like a small child!)

  3. Aw, the doggies are so cute! Look at their little interested faces :D

    I work with plenty of people who have adult bodies but the minds of small petulant toddlers (my boss springs to mind for some reason). And my boyfriend also often needs repeated asking because he forgets and is seemingly incapable of organising many things without nagging.

    I also don't recommend cardio before weights. It is PAIN indeed :D

  4. I can't do cardio before weights (10 minutes on the rower max and that's just to warm up the muscles)otherwise I have no energy left!

    respect on your shoulder press weights though - I do 4kg and that's enough! ;)

    I'm so glad that you're only logging what's going IN and not what's going OUT..... or are you.... :p


  5. There are some kids in my class that take a while to get on with things :)

  6. The one time I did cardio before weights I almost dropped a 16kg DB on my head doing 1 arm clean and jerks. Not a good idea!

  7. I am an odd bird, I have to do cardio before my weights or else I throw myself off. I've always done it that way so I guess I am use to it. Oh yes my daughter is 8 and I dont know how many times I repeat myself but hubby is 37 and I think I have to repeat things more times to him than to my daughter. Lol


Thank you for your comments, I read & digest them all :-)