Monday, 23 May 2011

Optimistic ...

.... thats what I call walking around England with your sunnies on all day ;-)

Thank you for all your encouragement, my run Saturday went very well, I heeded all I read and started out a little slower than I would have if I knew I had a walk coming up.  I paused for about 30 seconds to cross a road but otherwise did the whole 20 minutes at 12:07 min/mile run pace
YAY go ME :-)

I made Homemade LaraBars last night, they are very easy and relatively quick to make.  I would have to tally up the cost of nuts, seeds, fruit etc to see how cost effective it is but the till slip has been thrown away - OOOPS!
And they were yummy :-)

I did add flaxseed and kinda winged the "1/2 cup quantities" a bit (I used a cappuccino cup to 2/3s fullish.  Next time I would leave the nuts a little chunkier I think.

Along with one of these *Lush Lara Bars* I had a smoothie but ran our of spinach for a full portion so I added in some salad, turns out there was some beetroot in there so my "green monster" turned a bit brown heeheehee, it still tasted scrummy :-)

I was up early bells to get a run in as we had a busy day today and we missed gym so I squeezed in half an hour kettlebells in, felt GOOOOD.  I'm really pleased with how the weights and run/walk combo thing is going, long may it continue.

BLOGGER NEWS: Please hop across to Laura's blog BoxRunEat.  She has a fantastic giveaway going.  You can win a George Foreman Grill ....... but if you don't pop across and enter it means there's more chance of me winning ;-)



  1. I love to make stuff like that but, with only me and Mr DF they do tend to get eaten pretty quickly......

    if only I had the discipline to freeze it first... :p

  2. Hello again. Your blog is making me hungry! Glad the run went well at the weekend :-)

  3. Mmm homemade Lara bars look yummy!

  4. I'm pleased the run went well :-)
    The larabars look fab - I'm hungry!

  5. Wow those bars look amazing. Another recipe to try (hooray for half term next week!)_ and excellent work on the run too :)

  6. yummy looking larabars! I need to get back into that kind of cooking, gotten lazy lately! Thanks for the comp mention!

  7. This looks amazing. I love lara bars they are my favorite


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