Thursday, 26 May 2011

LMAO :-)

It's called multitasking apparently ;-)
I'll say no more :-)

I've taken a few days "unpaid leave" if you like.  Tuesday I managed to nip a biscuit binge in the bud,  Wednesday was wobbly to say the least and today I've fallen head first into debauched eating :-(  I'm feeling sorry for myself but will get over it.  What do you do to get yourself our of a doldrum?

This week hubby & I have not managed to make it to the gym, I have managed that kettlebell workout and a run and today I returned to Body Pump ...... hell YEAH I missed that hot sweat dripping down my butt crack, woooohooooo :-)
Hubby & I have also been scouring ebay and are in the process of setting up our own home gym.  We have had a treadmill for a few years now and this evening he went to pick up a multi gym.  So just bench and free weights to go and we're set.  We've done it because as business picks up we can't afford to take a leisurely 2 odd hours out our day to go to gym (as this week has proved) and our gym doesn't open until 10:30 in the mornings anyways.  This way we can roll out of bed and into the garage to workout :-)  I will update and post pictures of the before and after setting up in the garage once we are done.

As promised ... here's me in my "One Tough Cookie Tee", kids loved it and thought I was cool for a day - YAY :-)

OK, I'm off to go repent and not eat more biscuits of ANY description now, laters all.



  1. Ooh! A home gym! That sounds great! My stuff is all stored in the closet of the baby's room (but she never goes in there anyway so I don't think she minds)....

    Good luck with those biscuits. They're the devil!

  2. A home gym! I am jealous. And I love the tee shirt :D

  3. Love the idea of a home gym- esp a treadmill for when the pavements are frosty.
    Good luck avoiding the biscuits and yay for body pump!

  4. I think a home gym is a great idea, especially as you and hubby work out together and so can spot each other.

    Getting myself out of the doldrums? First thing I try is sleep -- couple of good nights and early mornings can often sort my mood out. If not, I try blaming it on my hormone cycle (can be off due to PCOS). And then I make sure I plan to do something really indulgent. Be it meeting a friend for a drink, going to the cinema, or watching a DVD at home in my PJs and a takeaway pizza. I think we forget how little we do for ourselves sometimes, in terms of things that are actually just for pleasure. Even if just a long bath and an early night with a book :)


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