Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Flying visit

Good lord, its never ending.  First the garage clear out for the home gym THEN new carpet had to go down  in the very cramped storage area office, so that had to be cleared out and sorted and now it all has to go back and REORGANISED, I mean COME ON ..... me organised PAH!

This is my side of the office - apparently I'm SO messy hubby has to now sit with his back to me!
Well thats what I hope and not that its because he's tired of looking at me ;-)
OK honesty time ...... I've just plonked the boxes for sorting here but lets see how long it takes me to get through them (I'm all "sorted" out!!!)

To top my fantastic ability to get busy and sort through cr@p I have forgotten how to exercise or say no to refined carbs, and I have felt all the worse for it :'(.  My sinuses are paying a premium in the snot department and its driving me INSANE!
Tissues are my friend

OK I need some ass kicking to get back on track whilst I continue to organise and sift through 11 odd years of cr@p for the fire shredding.



  1. *applies boot*

    I sympathise. I have huge and astonishing amounts of crap to sort out too....and I moved six months ago, there's no excuse for me at all!

  2. when I moved in with Mr DF I thought it a heaven sent opportunity to sort out my crap.....

    what actually happened is that my crap is now sitting in the front 2 bedrooms here and also the attic.....

    :p x

  3. *consider ass kicked*

    Whenever I move house I'm always left with a couple of boxes of totally random stuff which doesn't seem to go anywhere. I usually put off unpacking these until I am absolutely sick of the sight of them and end up chucking most of it away!

  4. I hate sorting stuff out! I just hide stuff for ages, and then take it to the tip! Used to do car boot sales with a friend, but now usually can't be bothered (well , to get up super early!).

  5. I really don't think u look that untidy! I know what it feels like tho to have unfinished business -- I'm like that with my mail and bills. I do find that sorting the stuff is never as bad as the anticipation of it tho, and you feel wicked for doing it!

    So I guess I'm offering you the carrot, rather than the stick (kick). I'm a softy like that ;-)

  6. Oh I hate big clear outs... it's great when it's all done though!

  7. I am queen of putting off sorting out boxes, and having moved twice in the last 4 years I have had a lot of boxes in my life ... the funny thing is that it's never as bad or time-consuming as you think it's going to be. GOOD LUCK!


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