Friday, 27 May 2011

Fankful Friday

OK so I'm struggling here for a post title ;-)

I'll start with the bad news:
I got on the scale this morning and jumped straight back off again before anything could register so there is no weight progress picture this Friday evening.  I will thank the pasta I had for dinner last night, body pump yesterday and my "face first into the biscuit tin" episode! Get Over It and Move On!

How did I get over it???
With some of this ......
And lots of these ......

On to the good news:
Neither of us felt like working today so hubby built up our newly acquired second hand (thank you ebay) multi-gym as part of our home gym mission; & I started the humungous task of clearing out the storage area of the office so we can set up the kids in there with their toys and "stuff" and have our office tidied up, carpeted and look more like an office and not a kindergarten.  So it currently looks like the inside of a skip on a really BAD day!
Multi Gym pics :-)
 A few bits and pieces still needing attaching
 The ever present watchful eyes of Billy & Bella :-)
 Nearly done
WooooHoooo, test out time.

So that is where I am at at the moment, wallowing in pasta pity if you like, but I know its temporary.  What I hope is NOT temporary is my new followers, hello and welcome to all.  Its great to have reached *the meaning of life* in follower numbers.

If I don't catch up before then have a great Bank Holiday weekend.



  1. Thanks for you comment on my blog - looks like we both had a similar week! It's funny that you say that about pasta and bodypump. I always go out of my way to make sure I eat a very light dinner like a stirfry on Thursdays (the night before I get weighed) and I never do my weights on Thursdays either in case it shows up on the scale, I get a bit paranoid about it!

    The home gym looks good. I love mine, it saves so much time shuttling back and forth from a gym!

  2. Wow, am envious of your gym! Sounds like it's been a good impetus to have a good old clear out too. I think that is always way more therapeutic than we realise.

    Pasta pity... Forget it! Focus on the weights and the running I reckons. The eating is what it is right now. Concentrate on the stuff you enjoy, and are making progress with. The eating will fall into place when it's ready.

  3. Excellent geeky reference, I approve!

    I am jealous of your home gym, that looks fab! Maybe it'll renew the dogs' interest in your workouts ;)

    I came home from the pub on Friday and ate half a packet of pasta, probably more. With pesto and cheese. I don't really know why, it's quite an uncharacteristc thing to do, even when drunk, but there we are. It does no harm at all once in a while.

  4. the putting together of that gym was a mammoth workout in itself! :p

  5. Your home gym looks brilliant! I've always wanted a home gym, but I don't have enough space at the moment.

  6. I'm feeling your pain ... not about the pasta but the toy/office muddle. I used to find my home-office decorated with dolls and teddies and crisps ... now it's footballs and YouTube films like "lions v crocodiles" or "high school musical trailer" or "best football players ever" on my laptop. Good luck with the sort out!

  7. The new gyms looking good! I love having stuff at home so I can train from home if I can't get out.. your doggy is cuuuuuuuute!


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