Monday, 9 May 2011

Dreams .... Rice Dream

Well no not actual dreams but rather the milk alternative Rice Dream.  I read about it on someones blog (sorry I forget who but thank you for introducing me to it) and decided to give it a go as I've gone off Soya milk for various reasons.  Anyways, verdict is, I like it!
I got over the darker look of my coffee but having said that I now use about 1/3 of a cup so have to warm up my coffee after I make it, buuuuuut it's nice.  A bit sweet but not overly so considering I don't take sugar or sweetener in my hot drinks.

Todays Workout:
Weights - legs ..... that got my attention
C25K week 4 day 1 - hot, even at 6pm but done :-)

Been thinking about diet.  I weighed and measured this morning and basically what I saw was not what I wanted to see so clearly, "I MUST be pregnant I can't just be getting fat again" ..... well thats what flashed through my mind anyways!!!
Q .... whats the best excuse thats flashed through your head when this happens to you?

So basically I've been thinking about my diet - its been eeerrrrrmmmm not good.  I have been eating healthy mostly but lots of it and then throwing in "the odd/occasional" biscuit or chocolate.  So its back to basics, I still have weight to shift whilst getting fit, healthy & lean the flab must go.  This means that I'm back to logging my calorific intake, my "I got the hang of this" train of thought has clearly lead me astray.  So what WILL I be eating?  Well, I've decided on sticking to my modified slow carb way of eating.  It possibly sounds like a combo Paleo / Slow Carb but not either ..... if that makes sense. Yes.No.Yes??!!!!  Here's a basic outline of the things I will be eating:
Lean meats, chicken, fish, eggs etc
Vegetables & Salad
Fruit, not LOADS but a banana/pear in a smoothie each day
Coconut milk, Rice milk
Occasional extras:
Rye bread
Baby new potatoes
I'm going to try keep it as clean as possible (except for Whey protein), and keep a food diary to track calories.  And also no huge big pig-out Food Porn Day but I may indulge in some dark chocolate ;-)

Not forgetting my exercise plan HERE.  I'm hoping to achieve the following over the next few months:

1. Loose flab
2. Get to a healthy BMI
3. Be ready for the GSR end of October
4. All the while having fun and being healthy :-)



  1. Have I been excited already that you are doing the GSR and so am I?? Not sure. But hooray!
    I think for losing weight I am more in the strength training camp now, as I think the body gets used to endless cardio and gets pretty efficient.
    Being fun and healthy sounds like a good goal too :)

  2. I find Rice Dream a bit sweet and can't get used to it in coffee. I'm liking oat milk at the moment, but I use sparingly as it's quite rich.

    Good luck with your goals.

  3. I think maybe I'm pregnant too. It must have been an imaculate conception. even if that does sound boastful.

    I tried a few of the alternative milks and liked them all. I love soya for cereals and porridge but enjoyed rice milk just for drinking - which is why I don't buy it now!!

  4. @Maria, if you don't mind waiting for me after you have finished we should try meet up after the GSR.

  5. Lol at you being pregnant! I have had many phantom pregnancies in the past!

    Am glad to see you're still including pulses and legumes and fruit. And rye bread :) I think a slightly more relaxed approach to paleo/slow carb, and without the binge day, is good. And the dark chocolate and odd glass of red is obviously important too, for sanity :-)

    Hope you had a good workout

  6. Hi there, I came over via TOTKat's blog. I like how you are juggling parenting with exercise and healthy living etc., as I'm trying to do the same. Nice to meet you!

  7. I love the rice milk in my porridge, but I can't be having it in coffee which is a real shame as it's a right bugger having to buy different sorts! (Mr DF drinks semi skimmed, so there's always LOADS of different milks in our fridge!)

    when I take my eye off the calorie counting then the weight nearly always creeps up - fact of life, I'm gonna be on WLR for EVER! :p



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