Monday, 2 May 2011

Back to normality anyone?

Well I know its just a 4 day week this week, think the kids are going to get a shock next week when they have school FIVE.DAYS.IN.A.ROW :-)

I mean, there will be no more, frothy milk moustaches whilst having breakfast out ......
mini-me-snr with milk tash :-)

I read this on Ruby's blog and over the next few weeks I want to work on getting this right, and then keep it going ......

"I think I've got the balance between enjoying myself and being healthy just right"

Do you feel you live a balanced life or is it an on-again-off-again affair? Do you think its possible to maintain this balance?

For me it's an on again off again affair but I read quite a few blogs who seem to have the balance thing going on :-)



  1. Most definitely on/off but the prospect of balance always seems to be over the next horizon.

  2. when I'm really in the zone I feel that the balance is just right - I eat really well and I enjoy what I eat. I have energy and the zest for life is oozing outta me.

    however.... when I'm not in the zone......

    if I could just suss out how to stay in the zone then I'll definitely have it cracked! :) x

  3. I'm really good at giving the appearance of maintaining balance... and there are a few moments in each day when I feel like I have found it :-)

    I love working out so much... but I also love eating things that aren't always the best for me...

    Someone once said to me, "Did anyone ever say on their death bed,'I wish I hadn't eaten those cupcakes'?"

    We have to balance our goals with what we're willing to do to get there. If I decide I want to have amazing abs and I'm willing to give up the occasional treat for it, then great. For now, I'm enjoying working out, eating to stay healthy, and occasionally eating too much chocolate.....

  4. I definitely struggle with balance -- I'm not very good at enjoying myself enough! I think this bout of illness has finally wrenched me free of my fear of getting fat and unfit though. So hopefully there will be less angst and more cupcakes in my future... ;-)

  5. Oh I am getting better at balance, - I think I am generally healthy but I still have stuff I like, because I like it and that is all.
    And I know what you mean about the long weekends- how am I going to teach for 5 days in a row??? :)

  6. I think I have a good balance, some days it takes alot more to keep the balance than other days though...LOL


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