Friday, 15 April 2011

Traffic Circles or Roundabouts?

I say Traffic Circles but have had to convert to Roundabouts because all the English peeps think I'm nuts!!... OK that was brought about because the title of this post was going to be "End of the week Roundabout" - you can tell my brain has not been in a sensible frame of mind recently.

I've had a rant/confession secession on Alison's blog, well she did ask for it :-), I've moped in response to posts on Weight Loss Resources lamenting about my mental plateau.  So basically I've been feeling incredibly sorry for myself and to try make myself feel better I've been stuffing my gob.  Thats right folks, I have still not learnt that food is not the answer to emotional issues.

Bang head here!

So I have typed up a weekly menu, set out a few weeks worth of exercise and am hoping that organisation is going to give me the upper hand next week.  I'm setting a personal green smoothie challenge - I want to have at least one a day.  I have calculated my average daily calorie expenditure but am not going to log all my food everyday.  My exercise schedule has more in it than I hope to achieve but if I could do it all it would be ideal.

Watch this space folks I'm gearing up to revitalise my body, invigorate my soul and live life with love, peace and happiness in my heart.

Cooked an amazing pork roast for the family tonight, everyone loved it. Tray roasted squash was my personal highlight :-)



  1. Roasted butternut squash is the dog's danglies. I only do it about once a year and think of it as a Christmas food, but BNS dusted with a mix or ground coriander, cumin, cinamon and chilli and dribbled with oil is a beautiful thing.

  2. as you know Lara, I was in the same place only recently, but something has clicked for me this week and the difference is amazing.

    spring is well and truly here, the evenings are getting lighter, the sun is shining - you go for it girl :)


  3. Bloody Mr Kipling, he has a lot to answer for!

    I really don't know what advice to give in situations like this. Sometimes I think kicking your own ass back into gear is the answer. Other times I worry about being hard on yourself during an already difficult period, and just making things worse. Overall though it sounds like you're managing to find a good middle ground. I like the idea of food planning but not logging calories. I think *consistency* in healthy and enjoyable eating is more important creating a calorie deficit right now. That's what I'm going for anyway. And your idea of creating menus really appeals to me on that basis. I might try it.

    Also, thank you for what you said about my PhD. You actually made me feel a lot better about the whole situation. I forget that jobs and careers and stuff is actually a really emotive subject, and I shouldn't be so hard on myself about it. It's ok to be scared, and to rely on other people for reassurance sometimes...

    ps -- the Germans say traffic circle, or more properly put, "circle traffic": "Kreisverkehr"

  4. I'm sure you'll soon get over your mental plateau chick. And I shall see you on the other side one day x x

  5. Traffic circles! I have never heard them call that- but it does make sense.


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