Sunday, 10 April 2011

Search, Rescue & Release

This story is just so unbelievable I have to share.  This morning while I was cleaning the kitchen I hear mini-me-jnr cry from the lounge "mommy, mommy there is a bunny behind the TV" and so I immediately thought "oh crap RATS!!!!"  At first I couldn't see anything so I duly got the duster to prove to mini-me he hadn't actually seen anything, but nope, there was Flopsy & its cotton tail hiding behind the corner of the TV unit.  Called to hubby to come help me catch it as I didn't want to scare it witless.

Little Flopsy bun-bun

After "I'm scared of bunny rabbits" mini-me-jnr came round very quickly.  
mini-me-snr wanted to keep it!

We discussed keeping it but its a wild bunny so we put it in a plastic tub (a big tub with some hay) & we took it across the road to the field opposite to let it go to give it the best chance of survival from the dogs before they picked up its scent.

Its been a great outdoors weekend this weekend, with some added easter bunny excitement thrown in with gardening, sewing seeds all over the show and visiting with friends.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend as well.

Q. Have you ever had something unusual come into your house that needed removing (or not)?



  1. No, but when I was in Florida we had some kind of big lizard in our room! We think it came in while the cleaners were in as they propped the door open. It was freaky but we tried to shoo it outside and it would not go!

  2. When I was at uni we had to rescue a duck that had found it's way into halls.

    Bunny looks cute, but probably wouldn't have appreciated being a pet!

  3. I've never rescued an animal or had anything strange things creeping through my door, except my own rabbit. We used to let her run around the garden and the house quite a bit.

  4. OMG that is cute! Did the dog bring it in or what?

  5. OMG he is soooo cute! Luckily no I haven't found anything in my home that shouldn't be there ;)

  6. that's amazing - the most unusual thing I can think of that recently made its way into my house that needed removing immediately was the Lindt chocolate with sea salt..... I had to remove it ALL immediately :p

  7. awww so cute. We had a good few mice around for a while but they are certainly not unusual and they are extremely irritating.

  8. soo cute.
    Yes my inlaws but every time I drop them off in the middle of nowhere they somehow end up back at my house

  9. just found your blog and i love it! i cannot believe that bunny was in your house- so cute!


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