Saturday, 2 April 2011

The only biscuits I have not eaten this week are the dogs biscuits ... and even then I thought "mmmm wonder what they will taste like with some chocolate spread on"!!!!!!!

Normal transmission will resume Monday.

4 new chickens in our coop, I picked them up last week.  Added
2 Light Sussex and 2 Marans.  Its rather funny to watch as our 3 Gingernut/Red Rangers are acting SO weird.  They have to be the first to get to you when you come in the gate, the first to get to all the goodies thrown in for them to eat and if the Lights or the Marans get close they cluck madly and get the odd peck ... poor chooks are running scared - hope they stand up for themselves soon.  To be honest I have been very lucky with them getting on this well, I've read some horror stories.
 Beautiful Light Sussex & cheeky Reds - (the others were tucked up in the coop)
Eventually a Maran came out to join her

But I've not gone clucking mad and am hoping to have my brain pulled back on track by the end of the weekend.

Loving reading everyones blogs, your achievement and ordeals, what you've been up to .....  I have gained inspiration from them all xxx


  1. biscuit with daughter would probably try that, she is a chocolholic....LOL
    My parents use to have chickens at the cottage. Do you have them for the eggs?

  2. Oh Lara, dog biscuits and nutella!? Nooooooo!!

    I've heard that chickens are funny about new coup companions. Don't know where (or why!) I heard that though.

    You'll find your balance with time chic. Don't stress... xx

  3. When I was little my mum caught me eating a dog biscuit (apparently I was sharing them out- one for you, one for me, and then ate one- gross!).
    Also love the chickens! My mum has chickens and she had a bantam hen which got all broody so she got some chicks that grew to be twice the size, but the little hen was still pecking them and ordering them about like they were her babies! Very funny!
    And thanks for your comment- lots of tea of course :)

  4. Interesting with the hens.

    Is that one of those 'egglus'?

  5. hey - someone else with an omlet cube. I've got a red one. Only difference is mine free range at home and destroy the garden. They come in the house too if the window or door is open.

  6. oh the chickens are so cute! My manager in work was showing me pictures of the chickens her aunt has just got and they were just boodiful and yours are as well. I think I just love all birds, even the cranky, scary looking crows and even the scarier looking pigeons I see picking around in the rubbish near my office (yes I really work in a glamorous area..)


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