Monday, 18 April 2011

My Motivational Monday

OK so here is Monday and I've moved my mind manually from being demotivated into being motivated.  Pom-poms at the ready aaaaaannnndddddd

Sunday was a false start and I slept in so late I had a headache!!  And late afternoon I attacked the Orios, the chocolate ones!!  So now I have a smily face chart, well it worked for mini-me-jnr so hoping it works for me too heeheehee 
YES, I used comic sans ...... bite me :-)

Today I have stayed on track..... 
..... to be honest, I've not been saintly but I have stayed on track'ish with food and hubby & I cracked out our weights workout and later after fetching the boys from their footie camp (soccer camp for internationals) I did a circuit secession ...... dang, thought I was going to PLATZ!  I did 2 rounds not the planned 3 but I sweated loads, woooohoooo :-)

I'm trying to take a more relaxed approach, I do like lists and targets and structure so this is difficult for me but lest face it, ONE french fry off the kids plate is not going to kill me!  I have added a "max" list of exercises on my Exercise Diary page (sorry its looking a bit messy) and I've added a Motivation and Goals page to try help me stay positive when I get low.

On a side note, how awesome was the London Marathon? I haven't caught up with Boston Marathon highlights yet but the times from the elites are PHENOMENAL.

Have you or do you plan to run a marathon, either your first or a second or third or .....?
I'd love to do the London Marathon one day ..... I think thats my mountain I need to climb!

Riding the wave, feeling the sea breeze :-)


  1. I plan to do my 4th in October :)

  2. I like this new relaxed Lara :-) I'm taking a similar tack to you right now. I got so wound up in knots about training schedules and macros and stuff that I was just feeling uptight all the time. Classic fuel for a binge.. So despite feeling a bit insecure about the whole thing, I'm just taking it from day to day, eating what I want, and doing the workout that I want. No plans, no schedules, just me an my fancy!

  3. I like lists too and I do like to have some idea of what I'll be eating and what kind of workouts I do but it's good to have flexibiity so you don't feel "uh oh FAILED there" if you go "off plan".

    Loving the smiley face idea, and hurrah for a jazzy font!!


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