Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Midweek checkup

Hello all bloggers, its all sunshine here and I've had a fantastic day.  So far the week is going well, I'm liking having a weekly menu but not being strict about restricting anything.  I seem to be naturally gravitating towards salads (the sunny weather helps) and to be honest staying away from refined stodgy white carbs, well my body always thanks me for that.

I had a cracking workout this morning, did the walk/run secession I missed yesterday and then ran out of time to go to the gym, that 20 minutes would have made me late to pick up the boys from footie/soccer camp, so did an improvised home weights workout for my back.
I did the pull-ups on the table first because I thought I might not have any energy left at the end ....... aaaaaand, I was right!!!!

How I've been feeling with regards to my food so far this week, here's my smiley face chart. 
Not done today as the day is not over but I am feeling positive - maybe a cuppa rooibos tea later!

Today was a trade off between working out and spending time in the park with the boys vs cleaning and laundry and other rubbish, so pleased I decided on the fun option ;-)



  1. I love the sticky chart! I would be so motivated by seeing lots of smiley faces :-)

  2. I love that chart!
    I used to have a chart like that for my cleaning! Now I just write lists instead!!

  3. Yaay for smiling faces! Sounds like they're real too, with that workout, this weather, and time with your boys :)


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