Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Lapdog problems

I've not been able to create posts, comment on other peoples blogs, comment on my own blog etc etc. SO instead of cruising blogs in the evening as I usually do I've been playing catch up on the office computer and it all works fine so clearly its my laptop thats being stubborn!!!!!!

I've tried to catch up on comments but don't think I've done a very good job :-( I have read them all, promise, so I know how everyone has been doing.  On of my favourite blog posts was this one by Sarah
An Interview with Jenny Grothe from "Recipes for Gals in Figure and Bodybuilding".
I follow Jenny on her facebook page but it was refreshing to read the interview as it kind helped give me direction with focus.  I want to run and I would love to run the London Marathon but I also love the benefits of weight training and have been worried about which to focus on.  While I've "been thinking" I've basically not done much of either and this helped me big time.

LAPTOP / LAPDOG ..... the title

A few years back hubby's gran came out with it, she said something about "..... what's your lapdog do?"

OK so basically now I know where the problem lies, I'll get hubby to look at my laptop to see why its being a pain in the backside.

Are you technologically minded, do you fix your own problems, do you rely on someone else.....?
I used to be technically minded but because hubby is so good at it I don't need to be so I'm not, maybe I should be again, you know ..... independent woman stuff and all that!!??!!.....naaaaaahhhhh ;-)


ps @Rob, the colour of the eggs:
cut a square of foil
place onion peels on the foil
place an egg on the onion peels
pack flowers/grass/leaves/foliage around the egg & surround with onion peels
wrap up tight with the tin foil
boil for a few hours
let them cool totally
et voila ...... the onion peel and the foliage crate colour and patterns on the eggs.

NOTE: eggs possibly not worth eating thanks to the length of time boiled for, best to rub them with veg oil and display until they get broken years down the line and stink your house out :-)


  1. My boyfriend is a computer genius, so I rely on him A LOT. In fact he's good with anything with a plug - definitely a keeper :-)

    I, on the other hand have developed into a bit of a technophobe - I think it's because I've got someone else to sort it out when I mess up.

  2. My husband works with computers for a living, so I make him do all computer related stuff. He's totally used to it. And he's so good at it that there's no reason for me to learn. hahahah.

  3. I can do things like download stuff from the net (very bold!) but I have a mental block when it comes to cables and wires and what goes where argh...

  4. I'm a geek so I can do techie stuff when I need to (one of my summer projects is re-building my desktop) but mostly I find it fairly boring so I delegate it away :D

    I am weirdly tempted to try the eggs now...

  5. Andy does my computer stuff, and sorts out the technical blog stuff (or shows me and I write loads of notes) as I can do stuff, but not that technical. :)

  6. I think the biggest problem with a royal wedding workout is having to WATCH the wedding.

    But, I could gladly DO one, as long as I don't have to watch. hahahahhaha

  7. I think i am pretty computer savvy....hubby definately isn't so somebody in this family has to try....LOL


Thank you for your comments, I read & digest them all :-)