Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Roundup

SHEW, its been a busy week so thought I'd recap rather than a half hearted daily effort.
The garden is blooming and the bluebells under the trees are beautiful.
 Rockery blooming
Rockery blooming

My getting to bed by 22:30 every evening is getting better, a work in progress I'll call it ;-)


Friday was where I just couldn't get my butt off the couch and get upstairs, it happens! See me playing catch up on Saturday though heeheehee :-)
I've had to workout at home with weights twice this week and both occasions were great secessions.  I'm really pleased  that I managed to do an equivalent workout from the gym at home, go me :-)
 Scary post-workout face - YEIKS!
Fridays home workout

And overall good week as far as food is concerned, I'd give myself a 7/10 for effort and a 10/10 for not feeling upset about the days I did go a bit squiffy .....
Overall, I'd say yes, I'm learning that its not the end of the world if I have Oreos, or help the kids with their easter eggs.  I'm trying to find balance and be able to live my life without restrictions but enjoy who I am and be happy with myself, and with this I feel I am succeeding, albeit slowly.

Happy Easter everyone


  1. I agree- it is about getting a balance, and living a normal life, not being restricted by things, but by keeping a balance. Oreos every now and then are fine, just not for every meal. :)
    Your garden and those bluebells look beautiful

  2. ha! what had you done to pull a face like that? :p


  3. Like Maria said, it's about being healthy and fit, but also about having a normal life. I'm glad you're finding some balance -- you seem a lot more peaceful these days :)

  4. @Maria & Alison, thank you. I feel a renewed relaxed attitude towards food & its a good thing :-)
    @DF, tricep push ups ..... DANG, 3 days later and I still feel the pain!


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