Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Back from the biscuits

It has been a very tough time with regards to my biscuit eating, I'd equate it to trying to give up smoking .... I have had to take it one day at a time.  It has been a determined, focused and hard bladdy effort I tell you.  I've been smoke free for 11 years now but acknowledge that I never will be a "social smoker" and am erring on the verge of not being a "social biscuit eater" ........ I'll have to take that one under my wing and reconsider it later.  But for now, biscuits are a no for me - its the way I have to be unfortunately.  Slowly-slowly I'm getting back to this, loosing weight is hard but not as hard as it is keeping it off, this is where it gets tricky and sometimes I feel like I will permanently being trying to loose the same weight - although I SINCERELY hope that is not the case.  My mind is the hardest code to crack, physically I know I don't need the biscuits and as an educated person I constantly analyse and criticise myself for not being strong enough to resist and that in itself can lead to a downward spiral for me.  I know WHAT to do its DOING it thats hard - AGH!!!!

Life stress is still around, we are dealing with it.  We have succeeded before and will do it again.  I have had various conversations with myself over the past few weeks and this weekend I came to the conclusion that either I could throw in the towel and carry on in my well of self-pitying biscuit eating sabotage and become an NHS statistic or I could channel my stress on eating healthy and working out and kicking the worlds ass.

So from Monday I have been focused.  My diet has been healthy and balanced.  I haven't counted any calories or excluded any foodstuff and I am trying to get a feeling for eating when hungry, chewing slowly/consciously and enjoying each mouthful, and stopping when full.  Snacks: I am trying to make them protein based and the odd whey protein shake certainly helps when there is nothing in the fridge.

My Very First Green Monster
I have read blog upon blog of people waving the GREEN MONSTER flag, I have stood back and balked at the idea for long enough and so finally I took the plunge this week.  So, to all of you who love and blog about these beauties, thank you and keep it up because they are FANTASTIC.  To those yet to try it .... go on, you know you wanna :-).  
Specific thanks go to: Laura at Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish - she has the best advice and recipes

Sarah at every Day's a Picnic - who tipped me over into trying them.  Sarah also tagged me in the "Circle of Friends blog Award", I love it, thank you my lovely :-)  I have noticed that most the people I follow or have contact with through blogs seem to have had it already - I will research and see if I can pass it on and keep the circle going xxx

My green monster contained:
3 "grabs" of spinach out the bag
about a cup of Kara coconut milk
1 frozen pear
topped with half a crumbled Nature Valley Canadian Maple bar
Taste verdict:
Tasted just like a pear
Moving forwards:
I will DEFINITELY have more of these :-)

Hubby and I made the switch from 4 weights secessions in a week to 4 secessions in 8 days and it has been working out very well for us.  We are finding a groove and have settled in to reducing from 4 sets to 3 and focusing on challenging our weights.  Today I "surprised" myself on one or two and felt absolutely fantastic as a result.  A mindset brought about by reading "benefits of training like a guy" on Elise's blog at Fitness & treats and hubby pushing/challenging me in the gym.  I have also managed to bring back running (in the form of the C25K running programme) thanks to not being shattered trying to do 4 weights secessions in a week.  Well OK it has only been once this week but I felt strong doing it and still felt strong in the gym today.

A quick food pic of dinner tonight, with this beautiful weather we went alfresco and hubby slapped the Nando's rubbed chicken breasts on the BBQ and I whipped up a fennel salad and some boiled baby pots which I crushed with a knob of butter ...... it was delish' and tasted better thanks to the beautiful sunset.

I know I may sound like a stuck record saying "I have found my focus" and "this time I'm gonna do it", but I keep trying with some form of success with each effort of refocusing and hopefully I can impart some modicum of wisdom to help someone else in their challenges to find focus.


My chickens are getting along famously, I have had to trim their wings (one was sitting on top of the coop yesterday!!!!), they have moved from 2 distinct groups to a more "loose" formation ;-)  In a few weeks I may even be able to let them all out to roam the garden together - but ONLY if I know they will come when I call.


  1. Your green monster look delicious - really green :-)
    It sounds like you're back on track at the moment - I know how much of a struggle it is sometimes! Good luck :-)

  2. My mum never clipped her chickens, and if we went out too late to shut them away at night they would go up on the fence. They were away (so it was my job) and I dont like their flapping wings- anyway I tried to nudge them off the fence with a broom handle, and it was comedy gold, I would nudge one, it would wobble, which would make the next one wobble and so on. They did come in eventually :)
    Just thought I would share a chicken story! :)

  3. Thanks guys. Trying to take it slowly and keep sane - its a tough job these days.
    @Maria love your story, made me giggle. I tried to not be scared of their flapping but its tough .... picture me holding on to chicken tail feathers sprawled in chicken poop, which is pretty much what it was like ;-)

  4. Green Monsters are great, they can be quite addictive. Glad you're onboard :D

  5. Glad you liked the green monster! Welcome to the club :-D
    I literally can't make a smoothie without spinach now ha!


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