Wednesday, 9 March 2011

What I do on a rest day

I started the day with the school run, a stop off at the local Tesco Express, fetch a bicycle for one of mini-me's mates coming round, then home.
Eat breakfast.
Upstairs to clean kids bedroom which involved rearranging the beds around for mini-me-jnr to not be scared at night.  Well that turns out it was a waste of time as he's just come down saying he is sacred!!!!!!!!! its 9pm little guy, GO TO SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Side tracked into washing all their bed linen as well which meant unloading the machine and dryer which lead me into the spare bedroom where all the clean laundry lay in wait .... a whole bed full needed folding and packing away.
Eat lunch.
Laundry folded and packed away.
Bit of real work where I try earn some real dosh - what's that all about then ;-)
Homebase for fix it things to fix a chest of drawers and some other bits & bobs.
Fill the gas guzzler with fuel.
Fetch the kids + 1
We head to the local park out back for a play while I take a well earned rest.

Its what I do best :-)
Then they play nicely while I clean up the dining room - haven't seen the table top in WEEKS.
Get the very energetic kiddies some dinner (chicken nuggets, fries & carrots)
They go trampoline, I go try download a book from Amazon as I realise I can get Kindle books onto my laptop and read them there - heaven.
+1 gets picked up & I have to quickly wash off doggy-poep off his front wheel.
Kids chill infront of telly, I clean up the trail of destruction left behind
Dinner for adults = chicken stir-fry ... was OK not great
Get bedding onto kids beds while they bath.
Am now chilling in front of laptop with Masterchef on the telly, bliss.

So eeeerrrmmmmmm not much then as it turns out!!


I was tagged by Alison of Physically Philosophical to offer up 7 random things about myself.  In order to take up the award I have to do the following:

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Given half a chance I'm the laziest person I know.  But thanks to having kids, I 
practically know this song backwards but I'm only allowed to sing the last line because the rest is "boys singing"!!!
I HATE grasshoppers, locusts, large moths and spiders bigger than a 50p give me chills, do not even get me started on praying mantis'!!!!!!! I once spent 2 hours outside my back door because there was a large moth by the keyhole, I waited for it to fly away!!!!
....mine was BIGGER
My favourite film of all time is the B&W 1946 Great Expectations.

I went up the twin towers (well technically only the 1) in 1989 while I was in the US for 6 months travelling.
I have to admit to not being very green fingered, a disgrace to my British roots. I'm so bad it's difficult to tell weeds & flowers apart.

I served Ernie Els (golfer) when I was a waitress, he's VERY tall and every bit as nice as he makes out.

A large part of my family still speak Estonian (fathers grandparents were born in Estonia), I can't understand it at all.

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....... appologies to anyone who has already done this, a few of these blogs I have only recently started following.

Have a great evening/day.



  1. Estonian!? Wow! And I am totally with you on the grasshoppers, large moths etc. Anything big enough for me to make out actual feature.. ack...

    And I don't think your rest day sounds restful at all! I guess that's what kids'll do to you -- totally revise your expectations about what qualifies as peace and quiet! :)

  2. That's not much of a rest day! I hate laundry, so it sounds like a nightmare to me ;)


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