Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The week ahead

*rolls eyeballs around in head*!!!!!!!
I wrote this on Sunday evening to give me a kick start for the week and have not stopped for breath since.
Going on a train trip with reception class on Monday so this will take up most of my day.  The plan in my head is to drop kids at school and come home for a quick run on Freddie the treaddie before going back to do the train trip (the kids have no idea its all a surprise :-)
C25K week 4 day 1
Chest & Biceps
Back, Traps & Calves
Delts, Triceps & abs; C25K week 4 day 2
C25K week 4 day 3
Rest Day
This is how the week has panned out so far.  I'm not going to do any running this week, I'm feeling tired and really snotty so don't want to over do it.
Monday: C25K week 4 day 1
Kids LOVED the train trip & I didn't do any running - was exhausted!!!!!!
Tuesday: Chest & Biceps - check
Wednesday: Back, Traps & Calves - check
Thursday: Legs
Friday: Delts, Triceps & abs;
Saturday: Not sure
Sunday: Rest Day

Tuesdays secession expanded ......
Chest & Biceps:
Warm up with cable cross overs : 4 sets 20/15/12/12 with 5kg/10kg/15kg/15kg
Iso chest press : 2 sets 15/12 with 10kg/10kg
Bench press : 4 sets 10/10/10/10 with 5kg
Raised dbell press : 15/15 @ 5kg & 7kg
PEC DEC : 4 sets 15/15/15/12 with 20kg/20kg/20kg/25kg
Concentration curls : 15/12 @ 5kg
Dumbbell curls : 2 sets alternating arms 20/20 with 5kg
Barbell curls : 4 sets 10/10/10/8 with 7kg/7kg/7kg/7kg
Cable pullover : 3 sets 15/15/10 with 5kg/10kg/10kg
Me on the way out the gym - Tuesday

Todays secession expanded ......
Warm up with Lat pull downs : 20 @ 3plates / 20 @ 4plates x2
Lat pull down : 12 @ 4plates / 15 @5
plates / 10 @ 6
plates / 8 @ 7
Lying T Bar Rows : 15 @ 10kg / 12 @ 10kg x 2 / 10 @ 10kg
Seated machine bar rows : 12 @40kg / 10 @40kg x3
ISO Pull Downs : 15 @ 20kg / 12 @ 20kg / 10 @ 30kg
Machine Shrugs : 15 @ 4plates / 12 @ 5plates x2
Seated T-Bar Rows : 15 @ 2plates / 12 @ 3 plates / 9 @ 3 plates
Seated Calf Raisers : 15 @ 20kg x4

My "shrug face" in stereo
... promise - I am NOT laughing!

& YES, I wore the same top 2 days in a row ...... I just don't seem to sweat like MR-Steam-Coming-Off-His-Head-Hubby :-), I do still turn tomato red after 10 seconds though!

OK, food wise I have been a little lax on this side of things.  I'm not logging anything and I have not been rigid with omitting stodgy starches either.  Thing is I'm not going to fret because I know this too will pass, I'd rather ride it out than it become an issue.

There has been lots of running around with the kids this week with the addition of the school trip Monday and parent consultations this afternoon.  Not only that but I have been trying to finish a book I started MONTHS ago so that has been occupying my time instead of blogging.  A fine balancing act as you all know :-)  I have been reading blogs and trying to comment where I can, there are so many amazing achievements and challenges going on I love it.



  1. you look like you're enjoying it though and that's the main thing! :) xx

  2. I love that top!

    I wear the same thing to the gym sometimes, too. I mean, I'm going to smell anyway, so who cares?

    Slow Carb: The whole eating things because I feel like I should because I can thing, oh man, yes. Most of the time I wanted one bad thing on cheat day, but I'd eat a bunch of terrible stuff, because I felt like I "should." And it always felt gross.

  3. The surprise trip sounds so much fun :)

  4. Great picture! Your shrug face really is a sight!

    And lying t-bar rows are a new one on me. I'm going to have to google that.

    Good job on not stressing about the starchy carbs. Tbh I don't think you can train long and omit these entirely. Not for extended periods. Even bodybuilders who are cutting eat brown rice. So I think you're absolutely right to roll with it :-)

  5. Haha - I was looking forward to the shrug face and you didn't disappoint - you look very happy :-)
    I'm feeling snotty at the moment too, so you have my sympathy!
    Btw - I always recycle gym gear at least a couple of times.


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