Wednesday, 2 March 2011

These Boots Are Made For Walking

And so March begins, as everyone keeps saying - where HAVE 2 months gone??!! Its been a good start to the year but as per previous posts I'm getting ready to shuffle thing into another gear.

..... bet you knew it was gonna happen :-)

I also have my Positive Motivational Fairies at the ready and looking forwards to cracking on into March with revised goals and a new exercise plan.
Positive Motivational Fairies

The Weeks Exercise Summary:
Saturday: Rest day = check
Sunday: Body Pump = check
Monday: **my wake up routine & Bootcamp = check
25 swings for morning routine
Tuesday: Rest day = Check
Wednesday: **my wake up routine & Bootcamp = Check but not wakeup routine
Thursday: Body Pump
Friday: **my wake up routine & Bootcamp
** Wake up routine= 20 two legged hip raisers; 15 kneeling single arm superman's; aiming for up to 50 double hand kettlebell swings, start with 20 to 30 swings (16kg)

March Goals:
For the month of March I will be carrying over some goals from February but bringing in some new goals.

1. Target weight loss for March = 3kg and GET THOSE RINGS ON

2. Try to do an assisted pull-up & do a Zumba Class
3. Eat clean: Keep doing what I'm doing but avoid dairy, wheat and yeast on Food Porn Day as well as during the week, trial it & see how it goes
4. Start running again with the C25K program
5. Continue doing full push-ups


I think last month when I photographed everything I ate for a week was eerrrm educational in a way for me, it increased my awareness of what I was eating and how it looked, I put more effort into what I ate and also how it went onto my plate, instead of just slapping it on.  I need to try keep this awareness up and also the food appreciation I got form doing it.



  1. I know I am so glad March is here- January dragged a bit but feb went so quickly- roll on spring and summer :)

  2. Love that thought for the day. You're right, I just slap my food onto the plate. Which in itself isn't really a problem, but I think it's indicative of a more general attitude which is problematic, namely not really giving a sh*t. I will try and follow your example and be more mindful this week :-)

  3. I get bored of photographing all my food - but doing it for a while really helps.
    Good luck with those goals :)

  4. I'm going to be full of smiles when I see March goal number 1 completed, as will you. The fairies will help you will happen :D x

  5. @Maria, I feel like I'm wishing the year away but I really am gagging for summer this year.
    @Alison .... yeah right ;-)
    @Sarah, thats why I only did it for a week - now I just snap the occasional meal when I can remember
    @Rachel, I can't WAIT :-)


Thank you for your comments, I read & digest them all :-)