Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sundays Shenanigans

Been a busy weekend and not so planned, we had lunch out on Saturday with mates in Partridge Green and I had planned to do NOTHING today but the sun was shining and the grass needed mowing.  So hubby got out Delores, I got the mower and we all mucked in - kids as well.

Saturday I tried some fruit in my whey protein shake and it made it scrummy-yummy
The kids are somewhere in that play area while we were out for lunch
mini-me-jnr helping in the garden

Getting dirty in the greenhouse
Few trays and pots seeded with herbs, veggies next week me thinks
Great weekend, loads of fresh air, all with nutty poochies ..... Bella sitting in the bushes, Billy just ate all the cut grass :-)

So now I'm all psychologically in the right gear to tackle the week ahead.


  1. what a FAB weekend! I wish I was garden minded but I just can't seem to get into the groove :(


  2. I love gardening! I need to get my seeds sorted- maybe next weekend :)


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