Thursday, 17 March 2011

Slow carb update

I hinted at this in my last post and then read Rose's review of her 4 weeks on slow carb and thought I'd expand on my response to her post, Rose had some very interesting views on the slow carb.  

what is slow carb you may ask, I don't think I've ever expalined what it is, well here's the skinny on Tim Ferriss' 4 Hour Body slow carb diet. There are 5 rules to follow for 6 days out of seven and on the 7th day thou shall eat ANYTHING thou wants (he does go further into that but this will give you a basic idea) - I thought rule 5 would be my favourite rule :'(

Rule 1: Avoid “white” carbohydrates.
 Don’t eat bread, pasta, rice (brown or white), no grains, potatoes, breaded/fried food or dairy on your slow-carb days.
Rule 2: Eat the same few meals over and over again. Meals should include protein, legumes, and non-starchy vegetables; eat as much as you like, 3 to 4 times a day.
Rule 3: Don’t drink calories. Avoid milk (including soy), no soda diet or otherwise (a maximum of 16oz of diet), and no fruit juice. One or two glasses of red wine are permitted.
Rule 4: Do not eat fruit. Tomatoes and avocados are okay in moderation, anything else in the fruit world is a NO.
Rule 5: Take one day off per week. Go nuts and eat lots of calories to keep your metabolic rate up. 

I'm in week 4 of it and am not being strict at all this week.  Initially the idea of binging one day a week was appealing and I enjoyed the first one, not so much the second weeks binge day and felt sick after last weeks not only that I was disappointed with what I had thought I was craving so landed up grazing through everything I didn't actually want .... just because I could or thought that I should. 

It feels totally unnatural to me to not eat fruit although I can understand the rationale of it as explained by Tim Ferriss.  To me the word diet indicates there is an end to it and as much as Tim Ferriss says he's been eating like this for years I personally can't see me doing it past a few more weeks but with my own personal tweaks.

One of my tweaks :-)

I couldn't resist the urge anymore and last night chucked an apple, a few strawberries, a clementine and some coconut milk in the blender .... it was heaven :-)

Todays workout was awesome, legs got a beating.  However I am currently too lazy to get up and walk the 6 steps to get my note book and type up the stats.  It was very similar to last weeks leg workout but swapped hack squats for a bar and s
traight leg deadlife (cable), we swapped the cable for a bar ... much better - have I mentioned its a frigging olympic bar we use (haven't been counting that 20kgs into my weights equation!!!!!)

I've had a good day today and feeling positive :-)


PS, its great to know I'm not alone in the gym gear recycle ... we're a club ;-)


  1. I could not imagine not eating fruit- when I am on holiday and eat out more I go crazy for fruit-its so refreshing :)

  2. Haha, I can't believe you didn't count the olympic bar. Fail! (But in a good way -- you must be lifting a lot more than you thought, right?)

    Is it just white carbs you can't eat, and fruit? Or are carbs limited as a macro too?

  3. I am hazarding a guess and saying that Mr F's food porn days consist of fruit and dairy! :p

  4. I just love my fruit too much to not eat it, it does go against the grain of the theory in that the sugars in fruit hinder the rate of fat loss - think I'd rather be slower and eat fruit :-)
    @ Alison, veggie carbs are fine so I load up on those but no tatties/rice-all rice/pasta/etc .... I can live without those but miss my rye bread so thats snuck back in in the mornings as well.


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