Monday, 7 March 2011

Pumping Iron


Thank you for your comments on my new routine for the week, it helps with the confidence.  So all daunted at the prospect of my first secession at big girl weights in a beefy "male" gym this morning hubby & I set off after school run and household chores were finished.  It was a fresh but beautifully sunning morning, I couldn't have ordered a better day.  Got there &
 parked at the local posh gym and then walked up to The Forest Gym, I met Harold (aka Big H - the meaning of which I can now FULLY appreciate), registered etc.  Big H was happy for hubby to lead me through the exercise program as he has had several stern secessions with a trainer himself. 

DAY 1 – Chest & Biceps:
Warm up with cable cross overs (3 sets 15/12/10 with 5kg/10kg/15kg)

Bench press (3 sets 15/12/10 with bar only/5kg/10kg)
Iso chest press (3 sets 12/10/10 with 10kg/15kg/10kg)
PEC DEC (3 sets 15/15/10 with 15kg/15kg/25kg)
Preacher curls (3 sets 15/12/12 with bar only/10kg/15kg)
Barbell curls (3 sets 15/15/12 with 5kg/5kg/5kg)
Dumbbell curls (2 sets alternating arms 20/20 with 5kg/5kg)
Cable pullover 
(2 sets 15/15 with 5kg/5kg)

I may not be able to dress myself in the morning but I LOVED it *big cheezy grin*.  Tomorrow is backs traps & calves - YEIKS!

Little downer - last night instead of being good with our food hubby made spaghetti & meatballs and instead of just having the meatballs with veg and beans oooooohhhhhnooooooooooo I have the full bowl of s
paghetti & meatballs and follow it up with 5 butter & chocolate spread rich tea biscuit sandwiches and 3 McVities gold chocolates.  Felt BLAGH and it was honestly not worth it - the meatballs and sauce=YES, the rest NO.  Lesson learnt.



  1. Nice work on the gym work :)
    And at least you will remember next time about the biscuits :)

  2. Haha, I knew you'd love it! I can't wait to read more :-)

    I also tagged you in a post: heads up if you've not seen it yet.

  3. Hi! I just found your blog! What kind of nurse are you? I'm one too!

    And awesome weights workout!! You will get addicted!

  4. @ Maria, Yes, Yes I will :-)
    @Alison, thanks for that. will get to thinking about that today mmmmm
    @April, nurse=not a real one - I generally deal in the cuts, grazes and bruise department with the occasional splinter with the kids :-)

  5. Congrats on the workout - sounds awesome:)
    The biscuits won't have done you much harm as long as you go back to your healthy ways.


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