Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Pumping Iron - Day 2

Well day 2 back at the beef bar ;-) and it was back/traps/& calves today. There were some of the same faces there from Monday so was nice. I did sneaky take a picture to show how odd my notebook & water bottle look, here they are on the “reception chair”, and yes that is a chunk missing :-) .... don't you just love it!.
OK, workout summary:
I'm assuming each plate is 5kgs but not sure so this is a way of me just keeping count and keeping things consistent (reps @ weight x sets):
Lat Pull down warmup: 20@ 3 plates x1; 20@ 4 plates x1
Lat Pull down workout: 12@ 5plates x1; 12@ 5platesx1; 10@ 6 plates x1
Machine Bar Rows: 15@ 30kg x 2; 12@ 40kgs x1
One Arm bent over rows: 15@ 7.5kgs x 3 each side
ISO pulldown: 15@ 20kg x1; 10@ 30kg x1
T-bar rows: 15@ 2 plates x1; 12@ 2 plates x1
Machine Shrugs: 10@ 5 plates x1; 10@ 4plates x 2
Seated calf raisers: 20@ 40kgs x1; 20@ 60kgs x 2

Once home I jumped Freddie the treddie for Day 1 of Week 4 C25K and huffed & puffed my way through, managed 4km = well chuffed me.

Can I just say how HARD shrugs are .... who knew.  As I started everyone kinda paused to watch, as I found out, my "shrug face", apparently everyone has a shrug face.  Well mine tries to smile as I shrug then frown as I lower will try get hubby to take a picture if he doesn't feel like too much of a numpT doing it :-)

Tomorrow I rest up, overall I'm not feeling too bad, biceps a bit sore now so I think tomorrow may be interesting.  I must just mention here that mostly I need hubbys help with the third set about half way through when things get tough and next week he tells me today we will be doing 4 sets of everything .... 3 is just to get me started eeeeeerrrrrrrmmmm THANKS????????



  1. Haha - I can't wait to see that photo :)
    Sounds like a really good workout!

  2. Yeah looking forward to seeing the face too :)

  3. Man, you did this and THEN a run! Badass ;-)

    You're mostly working in the 12-15 rep range here, so once you go to 4 sets, I imagine you might drop down to 6-12. It depends what kind of programme you're working to -- there are SO many different ways of doing this out there!

    Like the others, I'm having a lot of fun imagining your shrug face!

  4. I was confused when I started reading this.

    I saw 'beef bar' and thought it was going to be a high protein/red meat related diet. For half a second I had a confused image of a beef bar as some sort of bovine Yo Sushi...

  5. Rob, you're on to something there, think of the franchise possibilities :-)

    Hubby has agreed to snap shrug face next week ..... watch this space - YEIKS!!!!!!

  6. Haha I don't shrug so am not sure what my shrug face looks like. I will give them a try in my next session and see :D


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