Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Muffin Motivation

Its so SOOOOO tough, you're all fired up, you're eating all the right things, you're cracking personal bests in the gym, the pool or on the road then BAM!!!!!!!! WHOLLOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRASH!!!!!!!!!!  Suddenly you find you have the taste of sick in your mouth because you have stuffed your face to within an inch of vomming - why did it have to get so bad before I stop to talk to myself.  I'd felt it coming, I could have stopped it earlier but noooo, not me.


So, ok now, I have wiped my mouth clean, had a workout and feeling better about what I can and cannot control in my life.  I think my mental reassessment can best be described through my workout.

Back, Traps & calf day:

Warmup: lat pull downs : 3 plates x 20 (x2 sets)

Lat pull downs : 5 plates(25kg) x 12/15 / 6 plates(30kg) x 10 (2 sets)
Machine Chest Rows : 40kg x15 / 50kg x 10 (3 sets)
...... I focused on looking at my back working in the mirrors, I liked what I was seeing :-)
Lying T-bar rows : 10kg x 12 (2 sets); 12½kgs x 8/10
...... it was at this point I looked up and out the open door

How amazing is this view!!!!

One arm rows : 7
½kg x 15 / 10kg x 10 / 12½kg x 8
Cable T-bar rows (2 plates) & ISO Pull downs (20kgs) superset : 15 x 3sets
Shrugs : 4 plates x 15 / 5 plates x 15 / 6 plates x 10 (2 sets)
Calf Raisers : 20kg x 15 / 30kg x 13/15/13
 ....... it was here that I revived eating properly motivation, I call it "Muffin Motivation" :-)
I made some nice moves up in some of my weights, 2½kgs here and there and boy did I feel it (in that sick good kinda way).  I am not fooled that this tough time is over, far from it but I do feel like I have more of a plan, an action plan of how to get it right, that and a promise to myself not to let it get to that sick stage again - EVAR!

Going to fetch the chillies now and then go sit in the sunshine while they play in the park and try think about NOTHING :-)



  1. I'm a big believer in plans (maybe too much so) and it sounds like you're determined to try and make a change.
    Everyone has blips every now and then and it's important not to beat yourself up. There are loads of positives - like your awesome workouts :-)

  2. Nothing ever gets easier Lara -- that's just the way human beings are built I think! Overcome one hurdle, we find another that we bound up to with endless enthusiasm for BS! I think accepting that, and looking at what you're doing to get over / around it is the least stressful way of managing these things. So good on you for stepping back, looking at the good and the "to be improved", and not letting it yank you around too much in either direction. I think being prepared for ups and downs is essential -- just remember to be flexible with that plan ;-)

    And congrats on the weights increases!

  3. Yay for the weight increases :) Celebrate the victories and don't worry too much about the blip- just move on :)


Thank you for your comments, I read & digest them all :-)