Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Monday catch up

Starting to get a little lax with my posting, self flagellation should commence but won't because I'm not in the mood for it ;-)  I have started to stuff my face again, I know why but won't bore you with the details just trying to get through it really, a throbbing temple thanks to cracking my head against the corner of a cupboard door isn't helping much.

Inhaling these mini packs of biscuits like they were air is NOT good.
 Stats for 1 bag aren't too bad multiply that by the entire multi pack and all of a sudden its not so good :'(

Yesterday I felt very lazy at gym, both physically and mentally which was a not good combination as you can guess.  I struggled through and made it to the end but today has been cancelled due to dentist appointments and hubby having a lunch time golf T-off - I must confess to being very pleased about this.

Mondays Routine Recap:
Warm up was crossover machine 3 sets on 2 plates
Bench Press 8 x10kg / 10 x10kg / 2 sets of 8 x10kg
ISO Chest Press 15 x10kg / 8 x20kg / 2 sets 10 x20kg
Incline bench flys 5kg each hand 15 x 2sets / 7½kg 10 x 2sets
Cable preacher curls 1 plate (holy crap it was TOUGH!) 12/11/10/8
Dumbbell Curls 5kg each hand 20/30 alternating

I need to tattoo this picture on my retinas to retain focus

I just want to throw it out there, do you think weights training 4 times a week is any better than 3 times a week or visa-versa & why?

Hope everyone is doing well.



  1. sorry to hear things are a bit tough Lara but it does sound as though you know why it's happening and that is half the battle (the easier half I know!).

    as far as working out, I guess a lot depends on what areas of your body you are working on as I don't know that it's a good idea to work the same set of muscles too close to together?

    personally, I am happy with a couple of times a week with cardio thrown in on the other sessions :)

    hope you're feeling better soon - if it's any consolation Spring is officially here :) :) :)


  2. What split are you doing, 4 way? To be honest, I think you can work roughly on the basis of training every other day, (so 4 times every 8 days), but you need to be prepared to bump a session a day if you find yourself too sore / tired / hungry etc. To be honest I think it's better to work on a bodypart cycle, and just take each session as it comes, rather than working on a 7 day cycle. So much can effect your performance, especially as a woman and someone in calorie deficit. So trust your fatigue and rest an extra day if you need it.

    I don't know it that answers your question -- I can try and put something more coherent together if it didn't!

  3. As Alison wrote, it depends how you split your weight training. I think her suggestion -4 times every 8 days- is a very good one. When feeling lazy at the gym, I attend a group lesson (like body pump) to feed off the energy of the instructor.

  4. NO idea on the weights.
    Hope things pick up- just draw a line under it and start again :)

  5. Thanks everyone for your responses, it helps look at something in a different way rather than banging my head against a brick wall (or door in my case ;-))
    Currently we do a 4 day workout over 7 days:
    Monday: Chest & biceps
    Tuesday: Back, traps & Calves
    Wednesday: Rest Day
    Thursday: Delts, triceps & abs
    Friday: Legs
    Sat & Sun: Rest Days
    I still want to throw some running in there but feel there is no energy but , I like the idea of an 8 day cycle and may pass that one by hubby, and think that may help LOADS.



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