Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Groundhog Day

May as well repost yesterdays post gggggrrrrrrrrr.  I start out the day with fab on target breakfast and then I disintegrate into biscuit hell
Start of my day = looking good


 take 2 innocent rich tea biccies
 add a little butter
choccie spread on the other
then ......... crush them together 

Tomorrow, I WILL do it tomorrow - eat properly that is, I promise myself :-)

OK so to take my mind off food I went to Homebase for some greenhouse supplies and guess what, Jamie Olive has moved in the manure market, I jest not, check it out:

 he has a RANGE!!!!!!!!

So enough wondering around, workout this morning was cracking, chest and biceps today.  It was hard and at one point I SWEAR hubby as "helping" WAAAAAY to much - on the pec dec I let go and he didn't even flinch to hold them.  No run though too many biscuits in my belly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bench press warm up 15x2 bar only

Bench press: 10kg x8 (x3 sets); x6 (1 set)

ISO Chest Press: 10kg x15 / 20kg x10/7/8
Incline Bench Press: bar only x12 / 5kg x8/x8 failed on 9/x9 failed on 10
Pec Dec: 20kg (4plates) x10 (2 sets) / 25kg x8 hubby help set / 20kg x8 
Preacher Curls: Narrow-to-Wide superset 12/12 x 2 sets
Concentration Curls: 5kg x12/12/10
Tricep Pullovers: 2 plates x12/10/10

I'm starting to get the S-H-1-Ts with myself so should be back to normal program soon.



  1. I must confess I bought a bag of Jamie Oliver's dirt (so to speak) and a couple of packets of sed from his range. Price wasn't bad and the varieties more interesting than the usual seed manufacturers.

  2. Jamie Oliver soil??? ANdy would not get that on principle as he cannot stand him!

  3. bin the biccies Lara - crush em, chuck bleach on em, get rid...... :P


  4. Hey Lara -- I'm so glad my post could help. It sounds like you're going through the ringer right now eh. I've had some financial problems recently, and it's stressful like nothing else. And I don't have kids. It must be 10x worse for you guys. But with hubby and your friends for support you WILL get through it. You are tough and strong-minded and are not too stubborn to ask for help when you need it. You'll rally, your friends will rally, you'll pull through.

    And in the meantime, get rid of the biscuits, don't get rid of the biscuits, but don't hit yourself over the head with the biscuits xx

  5. I have to admit, that rich tea biscuit sandwhich DOES look good ;-)
    And that sounds like a KILLER work out!

  6. LOL I have been known to make a butter biscwich in my time.....I was a real Marietta biscwich fiend. I haven't had one in a while but not because I am so virtuous that I only eat mung beans and nutritional yeast, it's just butter biscwiches fell down the pecking order when I realised ther was so. much. junk. food out there to be explored...d'oh!

    Jamie Oliver manure..of course.


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