Thursday, 10 March 2011

Getting the warm up right

Bit of a fumble start for warm up today, warm up started out being a bit hit and miss for some reason.  Started on the Smith machine - it turned out to be way to heavy for a warm up, bearing in mind there were NO weights on it, just the bar, I really struggled.

With the following workout in mind, what would you do as a warm up?

DAY 3 - Delts,triceps,abs:

Warm-up Smith machine 15/12/12 (no weights)
Side raises-alternating front raises-bent rear raises triset 10-20-10 x 3 sets (2½kg plates)
Press 15/12/12 (5kg)
Dumbbell kickbacks 15/15/15 very slow (2
Tri pushdowns 15/15/5 (10kg/10kg/15kg)
Jack-knife 15x3
Crunches 15x3

Out of pure curiosity I tried doing these ....

.... I was a little more "swingy" than this guy .... I've a way to go yet :-)

Legs tomorrow - can't wait, I've been told its glorious torture?!?!?!

Night all


  1. I have no idea of the warmup - I like the body pump one- use lighter weights and go through all the movements that you will be doing- could you do that with dumbells and things first maybe?

  2. I do 5-10 mins light cardio before all my weights workouts, just to get the blood moving. Then if I'm doing a heavy session I start out with a warmup set before increasing the weight. For upper body I either do rowing or the elliptical. That gets the blood lowing to the upper body. From there I think going onto the smith machine is fine, given that you got out 15, 12, 12

    Legs -- love it!

  3. Check out warm up workouts from "the new rules of lifting". I have been using them for a while now.

  4. I'd have thought any sort of cardio for 5-10 just to get the blood flowing would be pretty good Lara.

  5. Ooooooh yes - legs, legs legs! Glorious torture indeed (see JAG's and my new posts re our leg workout). You're gonna luuuuuuurve it!
    J xx


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