Friday, 18 March 2011


Yeah right, I wish .... soooooo lacking in the energy department today!  Its been a tough week, thanks to Mondays train trip with the kids it meant no midweek weights break and we trained 4 days consecutively and DANG we can feel it!  Its also the reason I chose not to introduce running back in just yet, going to try that next week.  It was busy-busy in the gym this morning, everyone pumping up for the weekend ;-).  I have noticed I do need gloves and straps in the gym ... I just have weak, wussy hands I'm afraid.  And today I think we got the warm up right and left the Smith machine until later .... we have nicknamed it "The BEEYATCH" it's our nemesis!  

Side raises-alternating front raises-bent rear raises triset (10-20-10) x 2 sets 1¼kg plates
Side raises-alternating front raises-bent rear raises triset 10-20-10
2 sets with 2½kg plates; 5-10-5 was 1 set with 5kg

Dumbbell Press-seated 15/15 with 5kg; 8/10 with 7½kgSmith machine with no weights x12; 2½kg x10; 5kg x 8/10Dumbbell kickbacks 10reps x 4 sets each arm no rest 2½kg
Tri pushdowns 15/10
/10 (10kg/15kg/15kg)
Hanging knee-ups 15x3
Also wanted to mention that breakfast this morning was scrummy (no picture though as it was gone before I remembered - OOPS!), it was scrambled egg with spring onion on a slice of rye toast and half a pot of baked beans, I normally over scramble my eggs but not this morning, this morning I got them juuust right.

I am looking forwards to meeting up with the girls tomorrow for lunch and then hubby (weather permitting) is taking the kiddies golfing Sunday - a perfect weekend I'd say ;-)

What can you not live without at the gym??? I take water as a given btw ;-)

Have a great weekend everyone



  1. What I realised this week is that if running at the gym I cannot live without Bodyglide!

    I never forget anything like that running outdoors but somehow at the gym I might, and racing shorts and intervals on the treaddie can make for serious chaffage - as I found to my cost on Wednesday!

  2. I'm sporting some serious blisters since I starting using weights and rowing again at the gym, so I sympathise.
    I just take a bottle of water and a towel with me to the gym - I don't care what clothes I wear as long as they're comfy :)

  3. HAir bands! I cannot stand my hair going in my face! I have a military style operation of clips, bands and sometimes those elastic forehead things! Some people wear it loose but I cannot stand it. Have I mentioned I cannot stand it? Not one strand of hair in my face. Not one!
    PS SOrry about the body pump ;)

  4. Chalk for me. And my iPod (if I'm workout out alone)

    I'm with Rob on the BodyGlide for running though :-)

  5. I do girly light weights and couldn't do without gloves - I use them on the rower too :)

    essentials: water, towel, music, hair band.



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