Monday, 28 March 2011

Forgive me father ....

..... for I have sinned :-(

I can't lie, it wasn't the biscuits that attacked me, I attacked them.  It was bad, I feel ill, frumpy and downright YECH.  So yet again, I'm digging into my resolve and going to make a determined effort to get back onto the straight and narrow tomorrow.  Sorry to sound like a stuck record at the moment, hopefully I'm not boring you all into blog oblivion.

On a positive note, hubby & I are trailing the 4 day weights routine over an 8 day cycle with one-day-on one-day-off.  So the next week or so looks like this:

Monday = rest

Tuesday = chest & biceps & run-walk prog
Wednesday = restThursday = back, traps, calves & run-walk prog
Friday = reset
Saturday = quads & hamstrings & run-walk prog
Sunday = rest
Monday = delts, triceps, abs & run-walk prog
I've got a good feeling about this working :-)

Hope you all had a better start to the week than I did



  1. Having been attacked by biscuits numerous times in the past, I can sympathise.

    Workout is looking good lovely :)

  2. The biscuits must be in full retreat as I too attacked them yesterday. We're like some crazy NATO led coalition attacking the Gaddaffi-esque hegemony of bisuitdom.

  3. Lara I feel your pain. Were they the Nairns chocolate ones by any chance?????

    I'm not going to buy any more.......

    not ever.........

    well, not for the time being.......


  4. @ Rob, made me smile - Gaddaffi didn't stand a chance yesterday :-)
    @DF they were, and then when they were finished I got onto the kids chocolate digestives. Today I have had 1 pack Nairns choc numbers (weirdly mini-me jnr brought them home in his lunch box ...... not like I left any yesterday!) all accounted for and I'm staying away, trying to be strong, tough love and all that stuff :-)

  5. Lol at being bored into blog oblivion! I'm not sure that's what you intended, but it got a laugh :-)

    Glad you and DH are trying a different split. You haven't really talked about what's behind the biscuit binges (nor must you), but I have my suspicions that some of it might be the pressure of high expectations coming from a new and very intense training routine. I know you and hubby must be really excited about you taking up the weights with him, but remember that you don't always need to go balls to the wall, and to have some lower intensity days if you need them xx

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