Thursday, 24 March 2011

Evening all,  I hope everyone has been enjoying the gorgeous sunshine we have been having.  I know I am feeling loads happier with it - I mean, heaven forbid what I would be like if it was still getting dark at 4pm and I was dealing with this stuff in my head *EISH* ..... it would not be good :-)

I'm still in a bad place in my head, trying to sort out lists and things and plans so I will try to be less focused on food over the next few days to hopefully take pressure off and not binge again.  I loved your comments to my post yesterday, you'd think at my age that I'd "know better" but seems we never learn (well seems I don't).  Exercising is still a go and todays leg secession was fantastic.  I still haven't spoken to hubby about 8 day rotation yet - hoping he'll read this first and ask what I'm on about ;-)

Warmup: leg extensions 2 sets of 20 on 2 plates
Leg Extensions / Leg Curls superset
4 plates x 15 / 7
½kg x 15
6 plates x 8 / 10kg x 12
6 plates x 8 / 12½kg x 10
6 plates x 8 / 12½kg x 8
Leg Press: 60kg x 15 / 70kg x 15 / 80kg x 12 (2 sets)
Walking Lunges: 5kg bar on my shoulders with an average of 30 paces per length x 4 lengths
 ......... WTF was I thinking?!?!?!?!
Remember that beautiful view ...... it had a sadistic purpose this morning

Scooter dude went whizzing past ......

This was no more than 5 paces in and my glutes were SCREAMING!!!!!

Squats: 10kg x 8 (3 sets)

...... yes I tried them, they were not nearly as good or as low as last week but I don't think I'll take it to heart as it was after the killer lunges.
I'm sat here now all relaxed and my butt is ACHING, I'd better be able to bounce 20p coins off it this summer heeheehee

I feel I need to share my post workout lunch experience with you so no one else makes the same mistake I did.  I felt like porridge but wanted to add my whey protein so I poured coconut milk into the liquidizer, added my protein whizzed it for a few seconds then poured it onto the oats.  Into the microwave for the allotted time and was presented with an overflow of what can only be described as pale pink sea foam.  Not to be deterred and
VERY hungry I sprinkled over my nut/seed & cranberry mix and forged ahead with eating it.  
VERDICT: taste wasn't tooooo bad, texture was YECH and it looked gross so I finally gave up.

Will be a while I think before I try THAT again!
On that note, I'm going to pay attention to the DVD on at the moment.



  1. Well done on another great workout! I think you're right that focusing on positives like exercise and taking the pressure off your eating might be helpful.

  2. Wow great workout indeed! SOunds super hard.
    And as for the foam stuff- at least you tried it.

  3. I like the plan. Its the sort of thing I'd come up with and the sort of thing that will definitely give some temporary respite.

    Ultimately we've all got to adapt to just eating normally. Anything else is only ever a short term fix.

  4. Yeah, don't heat protein powder -- bad idea! You can stir it in once you've made the porridge though.

    I meant to share this with you about 4/6 way splits

    It also has some good advice in it about rest. I guess working around how your body feels is a bit more difficult when you're training with someone else, but in all honesty, my advice would be just to drop a session completely if you're not feeling up for it (and hubby is). Training a body part once/fortnight once in a while will probably do you good. A lot of people expect continuous progress week in week out, but I often see PBs and great workouts after taking a break. Admittedly I had to be forced to do it that way at first -- I didn't trust the rest -- but it honestly can benefit you more than working out. There's no point in training tired muscles -- you'll exhaust your endocrine and central nervous system, send your appetite out of what, and feck up your sleep. Not worth it.

    I love that you can do walking lunges outside! Hell of a way to end a workout!

  5. *send your appetite out of whack

  6. Thank you for that link Alison, really great blog which i am now following. Today hubby made us go and he realised after 3 exercises he had physically crashed so I've proposed we try the 4 day routine over an 8 day period.
    ps I actually read it as *whack* :P


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