Saturday, 5 March 2011

A dog story

A while back I blogged about the need for invisible fencing to keep the dogs on the property.  Well in order for this to work they each need to wear a special collar that bleeps (and zaps) them if they get too close or cross the flags.  Well thanks to their propensity to chew all things plastic (as well as their bedding!!!) Bella had managed to chew the clip on Billy's collar to the point where his collar fell off somewhere outside.
What the collar looks like now.
The prongs for the clip are chewed & the part it clips into has no sides!!!
We have managed to temporarily secure it with zip ties.
PS .... have you ever tried to get 55odd kilograms worth of dog to sit still so you can take a seemingly random picture!!!!!!!!

For 2 days now we have searched and searched, today while out I was in the field and Billy was walking with me when mini-me-jnr yelled "mommeeeeeeeee I've found it!!!!!!!!" yeah right I think and turn around to see him standing there holding it up.  Bella had been chewing on it again, she'd had it in one of the holes they had dug and pulled it out for a chew THANK GOODNESS.  Now why am I telling you this, well because the collars with sensor units are £120 EACH while the nylon collar is only £20, my relief is practically visible!

Bar poochie collar excitement I have been enjoying my relaxing weekend.  I took Friday off exercise and am doing the same with the reset of the weekend before I start out with renewed vigour for the week ahead.

FPD (food porn day) is cracking along nicely although not clean eating at all, I've had wheat, yeast, sugar and dairy .... I'm gonna start suffering itchiness and snottiness soon :-( ...... will let you know if it was worth it.

A random Saturday question:
Do I grow my hair or keep it short?



  1. Oh dear poor you with those dogs! :)
    I think short hair is way more practical- dries quicker etc, but I am growing mine a bit longer. Basically I am sitting on the (non electric) fence.

  2. I'm in the same quandry. I desperately need to go to the hairdressers, but am putting it off until I've decided.


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