Sunday, 6 March 2011

Decisions have been made

OK, before I get down to the task of decisions being made I need to do a little weekly recap.  Saturdays FPD roundup ......

Saturdays Menu:

Eggs benedict & a 
Pain au chocolat
2 mini aeros
2 bacon rolls with HP sauce
Coffee & chocolate biscuits (Fox's chunky chocolate)
Slice of peanut butter toast
2x hot-cross buns with butter
Best cuppa tea EVAR!!!!!!!! :-)Dinner to bedtime:
Lamb Saag with rice & naan bread, Strawberries, mini aero, Mcvities mini gold bar, 
slice of 
peanut butter toast

I have to confess that my obsession with peanut butter has not gone away, I still love the stuff, always have and think I always will ...... long live FPDs to feed my obsession 
*sticky-claggy-cheezy-peanut butter grin*

Exercise Review:
Saturday: Rest day = check
Sunday: Body Pump = check
Monday: my wake up routine & Bootcamp = check
25 swings for morning routine with a 16kg bell
Tuesday: Rest day = Check
Wednesday: my wake up routine & Bootcamp = Check but not wakeup routine
Thursday: Body Pump = no 
Had to take mini-me-jnr to the doctor, he's fine.
I did manage to do level 2&3 of 30 day shred
Friday: my wake up routine & Bootcamp = no
decided to take 3 consecutive days rest before starting new routine Monday

OK, so I have been mulling over all my options on what to do now that I have stopped bootcamp for a while.  I needed to find a balance between something I enjoy doing and something that does not cost too much.  I would love to keep up body pump, swimming and running but it just worked out too expensive for classes and swim secessions, not to mention parking :-(.  So hubby suggested I go work out with him (his gym fees are NOMINAL in comparison to what I was looking at).  The idea has come sooner than I think I may be ready for it BUUUUT I have loved body pump so much I've thrown caution to the wind and will be going in with him Monday to start ...... watch this space for some SERIOUS DOMS.  I am also going to get back in to running using the C25K program.

So with that in mind here is what this coming week will look like.

Monday: Chest & Biceps
Tuesday: Run; Back, Traps & calves
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: Run; Delts, triceps & abs
Friday: Quads & hamstrings
Saturday: Rest Day
Sunday: Run-long (at some point in the future this will be my longer run day)

NOTE: if I don't want to go out to train then 2 levels of 30 Day Shred as a substitute & there is always Freddie in the garage if its raining too hard

Enjoying my third rest day, feel like a lazy tart but love it :-)



  1. sorry, I just couldn't get past the pic of the peanut butter.....

    *droooooool* :P


  2. Yum I love pb on toast too :)

  3. Awesome FPD as usual. In my opinion PB is for every day though :)

  4. I think it's AWESOME that you've decided to workout with the hubby. I think you're going to love some serious weight training, and it's also great that you guys get to workout together :-)

    Can't wait to see how you get on!


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