Sunday, 13 March 2011


Good grief, where did 3 days go???


Well Friday was legs day at the gym and I can say that I honestly have my first case of jelly legs and am loving it in a sad kinda way :-)  Jelly legs as I dismounted crawled out of the leg press but DOMS not immediate that has been slow and getting painful ;-) 

leg extensions 20 @ 2 plates x2
leg extensions 15 @ 3 plates / 15 @ 4 plates / 12 @ 5 plates
Hack Squat 12 @ 10kg / 15@ 10kg / 15 @ 15kg
Leg press (5x10) = 1 set
40kg x 3 sets
Seated Leg press 15 x 40kg / 12 x 80kg / 10 x 80kg
Lying leg curls @ 7.5kg & staged leg extension superset @ 2 plates
15 x 3sets
Straight leg deadlife (cable)
+/- 7 @ 20kg / 11 @ 20kg


Food porn day Saturday was sadly a bit of a let down.  MAybe I had built up pancakes too much in my head (it IS possible ??!!??!!); I should have stuck to my guns and had the bowl of porridge I was talking about ...... next FPD for sure, it will be porridge.

I downloaded a copy of
The New Rules of Lifting for Women: Lift like a Man, Look like a Goddess by Lou Schuler, who knew Kindle books were NOT exclusively for Kindle.  I downloaded the free Kindle app and then the book and I now have it conveniently on my laptop to read at my leisure = REEEEZULT :-)
Book good, I like a man who can laugh at himself & the workouts look fab .... which is nice since thats why I bought it!!  You may remember that I was worried about warming up in a previous post and think I'm going to use a combination of warm-ups in the book and body pump type warm ups in the future.  At the moment I'm going to stick to the workout we have.  I still struggle with the food side of things occasionally, FPD leaves me feeling sick and honestly hubby & I are wondering if its worth it.  But not going to chuck in the towel just yet, going to try give it another 2 to 3 weeks and see where I am at then.  There is lots going on at the moment and there may be some big changes ahead of us so I want to make the most of being able to workout with hubby while we can.  Reading Jo @ jagsfitnessblog & Jess @ gymrunworkfun's post the other day made me realise how great it is to be able to have someone to work out with and not take it for granted.


A true slob day for me, only a bit of laundry, drop kiddie off at birthday party (hubby fetching, YAY), Tesco for a quick shop (it was RAMMED, could hardly move!), now chillaxing in blog city.

Why do I still feel the need to stuff my face when stressed? What's that all about?!?! I thought I was over that! ... mmmmmm apparently not, think I need to revise.  Thing is I actually actively sought out marshmallows & mini pack of Lindt chocolate balls to scoff on the way home, AGH!

Enjoy the last bit of Sunday folks.



  1. I've tried the eating what I want at the weekend and eating well during the week thing, but I got a bit fed up with it. I try to eat healthily all week now, although I've mainly failed this weekend!

  2. I prefer to havre little things each day as oppose to save it all for the weekend. BUt whatever works for you basically. I think I would go a bit crazy at the weekend, almost like a binge, whereas I think normally I am pretty balanced.

  3. I know that feeling - buying some crap to eat on the way home. :(

  4. Great legs workout! And I can't believe you don't really enjoy FPD! Have you noticed a difference with the stress-eating since you started doing the slow carb diet?


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