Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Still keeping it clean

"CLEAN TO BE LEAN" ..... catchy?????

To start off bootcamp today I was about 20 minutes early so it was either sit in the car very tempting or get out and walk around the park until it was time to start ....... I walked around the park.  Bootcamp was a toughie, amongst other things we did a circuit of burpees, side lunges/knee-ups, mountain climbers alternating with bear crawl, press-ups rotating with various (downward dog/side arm raises/), skipping, one arm rowing with a band (& a partner), running ..... each for 1 minute and 3 rounds EISHA - thought I was gonna die, but didn't.  Must say Katie is a fantastic motivator and really keeps you going, thanks coach :-)

Days food in pictures:
It was all very YUMMY:

Breakfast 1: Scrambled egg with red pepper and black beans NOMNOM
Breakfast 2: Bowl of porridge with 40g crushed nuts/seeds/cranberries & 5gs honey
Lunch: Chicken salad topped with lentils & olive oil/red wine vinegar dressing
Snack: boiled egg, salmon & chopped tomato

Dinner: Pork stir-fry mmmmmm

Feeling strong, if a bit hungry so need to up the quantities a bit.  I also had a cuppa coffee and SO much water I may have drowned at some point :-)
Say something nice :-)
I'm loving having my mojo back

I have a question: would I be wasting my time having a protein shake after my workouts instead of a meal



  1. All today's food looks good. I like the look of your chicken salad - I love lentils.
    I've never tried protein shakes, but I am curious so I'll be very interested in the replies you get.

  2. I tried protein powder once, but I found it made my stomach feel weird- kind of bloated maybe?, and I prefer to eat food than drink. I looked at my food diary on WLR and I was getting enough protein, and what I like is nesquick with milk (or coconut milk but that is les protein). So if you like it then fine, but I would think you can get protein from a well balanced meal/ snack. I suppose they are maybe more portable, and some people dont like food after hard exercise. But if you can I would go for a meal every time. "Real" food has got to be better for you.
    Nice work on the bootcamp x

  3. I would add a protein shake AS WELL as a meal. A scoop of (zero card) protein powder is ~130cals, and is well worth the NV. My Protein comes generally recommended, or if you buy off the shelf, the EAS is a good brand.

    And tough workout! :-)

  4. That should be zero CARB.

    Morning! :D

  5. I tend to have a protein shake after exercise(got 4 tubs of Promax last summer with a BOGOF offer)and that's about 120 kcals but a big hit of protein.

    I'll also have whatever snack/meal I would have had post run too. On a couple of occasions I didn't and after a longer run I felt sluggish as I wasn't topping up the glycogen stores with carbs.

  6. Thanks everyone, what I will say is that after my workout today I did have a shake but then wasn't hungry until after I'd showered and frittled for another hour but lunch was goooood. It helped dramatically in the hunger department so will be sure to keep it up.


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