Thursday, 10 February 2011

She's crazy like a fool ....

My week is ticking along nicely & I think the rest period has rekindled my mojo - YAAAAY.  What it seems to boil down to is that I have fallen out of love with bootcamp at 6am in the morning :-(  So in order to avoid that I was avoiding everything!  Now I still have 3 weeks left of this round of bootcamp so I've asked if I can swap to the 9:30am secession instead and will then make a call from there if I want to sign up for another 6 months or if I'd rather do my own thing for a while longer.

Weekly Workout Roundup:
Monday: REST DAY = check
Tuesday: REST DAY = check (brings it to a total of 5 days FULL rest)
Wednesday: bootcamp/possible rest day = neither of these, I did 30 minutes in the pool instead and it felt gooooooood** 
Thursday: body pump = CHECK
Friday: bootcamp/Zumba
Saturday: body pump
Sunday: REST DAY – swimming with Jake

**I haven't swum in ages (splashing with the kids yes but lengths ..... no), so now I have a base I can build on with regards to swimming:
10 x 25m breast stroke
4 x 25m front crawl
10 x 25m breast stroke
4 x 25m front crawl
10 x 25m breast stroke
750m breast stroke
200m front crawl
approx 32 minutes
and to end off ........... "she's crazy like a fool ........ "
Big smiles, it took me all the way back to being a teenager :-)


  1. Rest is good sometimes and 6am bootcamp does sound a bit crazy to me :-)
    Your swimming workout sounds good, I never get round to swimming, mainly because I feel it's a bit more of an effort, but it's so good for you!

  2. 6am does sound hard work! I occasionally run at 6am but only when my scedule is rammed and there is no other way (or during the hot hot days when it is too hot to run after work)- I like morning workouts but late morning! :)

  3. I'm sure that once the lighter mornings settle in then you will fall back in love with it. Getting up in the dark for work is one thing.... but for exercise?

    :0 x

  4. What are you thinking if you go it alone instead of bootcamp? I think you might really enjoy planning your own workouts. But would you go for a structured programme? Weights? Gym??


Thank you for your comments, I read & digest them all :-)