Monday, 7 February 2011

Pitiful ...... the update

Hi everyone,
Thank you first to all who offered kind words and encouragement it has helped immensely.  I was all ready to cancel the full weekends socialising thanks to my tooth debacle but didn't, thankfully, and had a great weekend - yes there were some jibes about the lack of tooth but I survived :-) 

Tooth update: SO, temporarily fixed with a post drilled into what's left of the tooth in the gum & the crown and glued back in = one VERY happy me :-)
On an exercise, health, eating, weight loss front I have taken a back seat for a few days with exercise and weight loss.  I'm aiming for maintenance until at least Wednesday as well as exercising.  That will give me a full 5 days off to let my body to rest get better.  It has also given me the time to sit back and wonder for a while, or in my mothers famous words "La ....... I've been thinking!!!!" ;-)

Anyways, I noticed that I had all these lovely goals but there seemed no urgency behind them *manyana* was a word that sprung to mind, and I am a habitual procrastinator and leaving things to the last minute. SO, I have narrowed a few down I'd like to tackle this month:

February Specific Goals:
1. I want to be able to get my wedding and engagement rings back on – comfortably!!!  This means loosing about 3 more kilograms - My Big Feb Challenge!
2. Try to do a pull-up & then try to do 1 unassisted - start working on this using a chair as support
3. Be doing full push-ups in all my workouts by July 2011.  Start working on this; aim for February is to be doing full stance press on the down and if need be drop to knees for the up movement.
4. EAT CLEAN for me: Step away from processed foods, wheat, yeast, dairy & sugar, until the end of February - reassess at the end of the month but idea is to take this through into March as well
5. Step outside of my comfort zone - attend a Zumba class

I think that about covers it for today, I am feeling the benefit of no exercise for 3 days already and my sinuses feel less blocked or "heavy" & "grindey" already.



  1. Fab goals! Definitely get your teeth round the potato cakes and nut butter its too good! x x

  2. Good on you for getting out and having a good time this weekend! And I like the idea of narrowing your goals and making the more specific for the next fews weeks. That has to be good for motivation :-)

  3. Good idea to make the goals more focused :)
    Good idea for the rest too- you need it so remember that :)


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