Sunday, 13 February 2011

My "photograph it before I eat it" Challenge

Hubby is busy reading The 4-Hour Body and mentioned something about taking a picture of everything you are going to eat before you eat it, creates accountability ....... I'm gonna try it for the week and see how I get on, but you do realise that this means my weeks blog is going to contain A LOT of food pictures :-)

February Specific Goals:
1. I want to be able to get my wedding and engagement rings back on – comfortably!!!  This means loosing about 3 more kilograms - My Big Feb Challenge!
2. Try to do a pull-up & then try to do 1 unassisted - start working on this using a chair as support
3. Be doing full push-ups in all my workouts by July 2011.  Start working on this; aim for February is to be doing full stance press on the down and if need be drop to knees for the up movement.
4. EAT CLEAN for me: Step away from processed foods, wheat, yeast, dairy & sugar, until the end of February - reassess at the end of the month but idea is to take this through into March as well
5. Step outside of my comfort zone - attend a Zumba class

February Goal REVIEW:
1. Working on it
2. Not tried this yet
3. I am doing full push ups for the 
section of push ups during Body Pump 
4. Eating Clean Diary - week 1
Tuesday - Day 1: all was going well until a bag of mini eggs attacked me when mini-me went to karate
Wednesday - Day 2: Was doing SOOOOO well until I'd quaffed a mini babybel.....I totally forgot no dairy!
Thursday - day 3: wooooohooooo success, no wheat, yeast or dairy, just a little sugar I guess in 2 dark chocolate oatcakes :-)
Friday - day 4: Success
Saturday - day 5:
:-( 6 rich tea biscuits
Sunday - day 6:
5. Not tried Zumba yet

6 rich tea biscuits, chocolate spread & a chocolate sponge dessert

Clearly weekends are a problem with keeping it wheat, sugar, yeast & dairy free - need to work on this!



  1. I always find weekends harder- it's all the time and less routine that gets me! In the week I can only eat at set times, whereas at the weekend it is nearby and I have the time! Keep at it. And woohoo again for the full pushups :)

  2. Everyone has times of the week that trip them up. If you find weekends harder why not try relaxing the rules a little bit in acknowledgement of that, in the hope that you'll then be able to keep within them, and not go into that territory of "Oh I've blown in anyway now, so.."

    I've been touting this post around everywhere, but try reading this too:

    It's great on no overdoing goals all in one go. And most saliently for me, the idea that no matter how many slip ups, if you're still working towards those goals, then you're still on track. Really helped me put things in perspective and keep a positive attitude when things don't go quite to plan..

    Happy valentines day! :)


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