Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Keeping it Clean ...

.... all in pictures :-)

Well I finally remembered to take a picture of everything that I ate today, the only thing NOT captured was my morning coffee (will look exactly the same as the one pictured later in the day) and a cuppa oolong tea after lunch 1.
I had planned a swim this morning but fortunately checked the swimming time table before I dressed and I'm 8 years and a few months too young to join in the 50+ only secession - on the up side, I'm not 50 yet, on the down side ...... its not to far away YEIKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK so here it is, my days food in pictures:

2 boiled eggs, black beans green beans & a dinky drizzle of olive oil - salt & pepper (it goes on everything)

Lunch 1:
Baby corn, half an avocado, baby marrows, chicken & black beans (balsamic & olive oil dressing)
Lunch 2:
Bistro salad, half an avocado, chopped green beans, chicken & lentils (balsamic & olive oil dressing)

Cucumber, boiled egg, chicken & coffee

Grilled slightly smoked Salmon, steamed brocoli & cauliflower and lentils with a drizzle of olive oil in the lentils

Well there you have it, and I won't even be having hot chocolate later, maybe a cuppa rooibos tea before bed.

Today exercise escaped me, firstly I got lost in some boxes clearing out and looking for things which meant I missed a later swim slot once the 50 pluses had left the pool.  Unshaken by this I then thought I'd go for a run while mini-me was at karate but then hubbys car wouldn't start so I had to cart him to his workout, drop mini-me at karate, go back to fetch hubby, go fetch mini-me from karate, home cook blah blah blah ...... so I've given myself a life note for today - SHIT happens :-)

Say something nice :-)
Very proud of my boys who both graded for yellow belts this weekend and both passed - go my little ninja boys .... yaaaaaaay 



  1. "I've given myself a life note for today - SHIT happens :-)"

    Loved that! And very clean looking eats indeed! Wowza. Your diet looks so different to mine, it's weird. But that's the vegan thing. Am impressed, anyway. And love the return of the positive attitude :)

  2. Well done to the boys!
    Your breakfast is really interesting - I love eggs for breakfast, but haven't paired them with vegetables. Probably not a bad idea for me as I always end up buying more veggies than I can possibly eat in a week!

  3. Champion. I do like salad for breakfast but for me its a summer thing. I used to love holidays in Greece where I'd have a Greek salad every morning (and dinner...and tea...).

  4. Lots of green in your post! Lovely :) Keep up the positivity x

  5. I'm having salmon for tea tonight.... mmmm... salmon....... :)


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