Monday, 14 February 2011

Just a quickie

Well my picture challenge is a big fail today, I was on my way to Sainsburys this afternoon before I rembered!!! and my food had been less than saintly that is for sure :-(  I'll start tomorrow with the food porn pics.

Bootcamp done & dusted this morning - Katie & her clipboard tried to kill us with planks & push-ups!!!!!!!! Push-up 1st set ...... full bar the last 1 (45 seconds) planks/lunges/squats & other stuff; 2nd set = first half full, second half dropping to knees on the up (planks/lunges/squats & other stuff); 3rd set dropping to knees on the up - then just stayed on my knees praying for help which finally arrived once 45 seconds was up!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll leave you with this, thank you Alison ....
"the idea that no matter how many slip ups, if you're still working towards those goals, then you're still on track"
I stepped out of my lane for a bit today but am back to it.

May the sun be shining wherever you are :-)



  1. Boot camp is for sure working towards your goals- you dont have to be perfect in every area to be succeeding- just in most areas most of the time and it will all come together. :)

  2. Bootcamp sounds awesome! Good work :-)


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